March 25, 2010


The other day at Walmart I found these cute jammies. I thought it would be fun to get the little boys them. Aren't they just the cutes dragons you ever saw! Watch out here they come!

Monster boy!

Does this look familiar? At about the same age Boston climbed in Brylee's kitchen sink except he was a little bigger and was crying because he couldn't get out. Carter however thought he was pretty darn cute! And I did too, oh how I love my monster!

March 16, 2010

Brylee's Kindergarten Checkup

Last week Brylee had to go get her Kindergarten checkup. She was pretty excited for the shots thanks to her preschool Teacher Vicki telling the kids she'd give them a prize for getting them. She was really brave but in the end it was more than she could take....they just plain hurt! Poor girl she cried, and they were really sore for a couple of days. She had a little bit of a reaction to them and still has welts on both legs. Good job Bry, we're super proud of you! She passed her exam with flying colors, here is her stats.

Height: 45 inches ~ 90%
Weight: 41 lbs ~ 60%

I can't believe my baby girl is going to Kindergarten.......Sigh.

Las Vegas

Last weekend we headed for a Caldwell family get together in Las Vegas to visit Chris and Lani. It was a much needed vacation for all of us. Friday we went to a park that had an a place that they could play frisbee golf. I have never heard of it but they all seemed to enjoy it. After the boys all went and shot trap and skeet.

Here they are playing.

Then we headed over to the resort Chris and Lani booked us. It was beautiful, and the pools were heated..bonus! Later on Saturday all the brothers went over to see the final college basketball playoffs. They had hoped they'd get to see BYU play but they lost out the day before but they still had fun.

Logan jumping through the waterfall

Logan throwing Brylee in the Lazy river pool

Thank you Kel & Cheryl for arranging this get together and Chris and Lani for all the hard work you did buying and preparing meals it was really thoughtful and we appreciate it. It was very relaxing and I didn't want to come home especially when we lost about 30 degrees on the drive home..brrrrr!

A delicious evening

In January we took Boston and Brylee for a special day to Farr's Fresh they LOVED it...who wouldn't! They have soft serve ice cream and custard that you serve yourself then you can put your own toppings on too. Delicious!!!