June 6, 2011

Zions National Park

On our last full day in St. George we decided to go to Zions. Our first hike was to the emerald pools. We only made it to the first pool because we had strollers. It was really neat to see the waterfalls and being able to walk underneath them.

Next we took the shuttle to the riverside walk.

This walk had the prettiest scenery. I could walk there everyday...seriously!

Logan at the beginning of the narrows...which someday I hope to hike!

I loved how the rocks had the prettiest flowers growing on them!

Good bye Zions...

It was a super fun, memorable and much needed vacation!

Snow Canyon

On Sunday it was a little cooler so we decided to go over to Snow Canyon. The kids loved playing in the red sand.

We hiked up a sand riverbed up to the three ponds. They weren't very big but they were a happy sight after walking in miles of sand.

This was my favorite view of the top two.

A found this pretty cactus in bloom on the other side of the ponds.

Up from the three ponds was another water hole.

On the way back it started to sprinkle a tiny bit, which was nice because it cooled us off. And the way back was lots faster than the way up!

Isn't that sand so pretty!!!

Red rocks of St. George

The red rocks north of St. George was my favorite place and you'll be able to tell by how many pictures I took! Fun shadow pictures

The view from the top of the Dixie rock was so pretty. The temple is so beautiful...

Logan was hard to keep up with he kept climbing rocks everywhere. He was loving it.

Carter was in heaven!

Brylee loved posing by pretty rocks.

Boston was quite the climber too!

We love St. George! I made Ben promise me that he would consider buying us a winter home someday down there!!!

St. George swimming

We went to St. George over memorial weekend with my sister's family, Ben's parents and his sister's family. Thank goodness because it was a rainy mess at home so it was a good call on that one. We LOVED the pool at our hotel, it went indoor and outdoor and the hot tub was warm and lovely!

I miss this place already, can we go back!?!?