February 23, 2011

Chewy's snow hangies

So apparently Chewy made a little trip over to see his girlfriend Ruby. And in the process acquired a few snowball hangy things, Haha!!! What a crack up! He wasn't up for much playing though, the things probably weigh as much as he does...maybe next time Rubes!
After an hour or so of melting in the laundry room he was as good as new. Thanks for the picture Holly, it made for a good laugh at our house!

Happy Birthday to me....

Normally I wouldn't post about my own birthday but on Monday I just turned the BIG 30!! When I was younger I always thought 30 was so old but now that I am that age I don't feel old at all! I actually didn't have a hard time with it and I've decided that I'm going to absolutely, positively enjoy my thirties. My kids are getting older and I'm going to enjoy being a little more selfish! The kids wanted to sing the "Happy Birthday" song to me and since I don't like cake much we had Amish bread for breakfast and I stuck a candle in it...it works, right!?

These are the roses Ben got me from Valentines Day. I just wanted to put them on here. They are so pretty. Thank you Ben, I love you!

A ride with Grandpa

My Dad brought down his 4 wheeler to sell. So the kids talked him into a short ride. You would of thought it was the best thing ever from how excited they were! Thanks for the ride Grandpa!!

I {heart} cookies

Me and Boston made heart shaped sugar cookies for Valentines. He had lots of fun, he made himself a robot! Later we decorated them with frosting and sprinkles yum! I think I could get the frosting for my cookie off Carter's face!!!
We did a great job Boston!

Brylee has been the giggle queen lately. She's always getting the giggles and this day was no different...too cute!

Longing for Spring...

I can't wait until it get's here. I'm ready for warm weather again!!!