August 28, 2012

Brendan's a BIG boy!

 Brendan is now 7 months old and sitting up!! He is also starting to get up on his knees to crawl, but so far he only goes backward! His two bottom teeth are in and some top ones are starting to swell so they'll be here soon. He can't get enough food...EVER...he just loves eating! Brendan is such a great baby, he is so happy to see anyone who will smile at him. And we just can't get enough of this little guy!
 He LOVES being a big boy!
As you can see he is pretty darn excited about it!!!
I sure LOVE this boy!

August 21, 2012

Back to School

 Brylee in her back to school outfit, she was so excited she could hardly stand it!
 She LOVED her first day! Her favorite part about school is math and PE!
 Boston in his super fancy outfit!
Boston had pretty tiring first day but after a snack he felt much better! So far his favorite part about school is that his teacher reads them books every day!

Last year when Brylee attended first grade at Freedom Elementary she was picked on all year by a girl in her class and we hard a really hard time getting her teacher or the principal to take us seriously. It was very frustrating and it ended up being a really long and hard year. That situation prompted us to make the move to Quest Academy. And so far we couldn't be happier!!! 

Trial Lake

 This last weekend we planned another trip to Trial Lake campground with the Caldwell's
This is Grandma and Grandpa with our kids and Nick's kids.
 Best buds Carter and Brendan

 What a silly guy!
The kids had a great time and it was so nice to go up to the mountains to enjoy the fresh air and cooler weather!

August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Logan!

 We got Logan a new fishing rod and reel for his birthday. He really liked it, he has found his love of fishing this year!
 Happy Birthday Logan! (Carter had to be on his best buddies lap!)
 We celebrated Logan and my sister Dina's birthdays this year on our family camp trip to Trial Lake since they are so close together.
I seriously can't believe that you are 15 years old! You are such a great son, I love you so much and very much enjoy all the time that we spend together. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

Somewhere over the rainbow...

The other night after it rained there was the biggest full rainbow I've ever seen. It was so beautiful, I wish I could have got a picture of the whole thing! Yeah for Summer nights!!!