January 23, 2012

Brendan Clarke Caldwell

Here is a picture overload of one of the cutest babies ever!

We are having so much fun loving on our little guy! I just love how adorable he is. I know that too soon he will grow big and I want to remember him being this tiny!!!

Our hospital stay

Our very first visitor in our new room was Aunt Shauna. I think she was as excited for me to have the baby as I was!

Brendan's first bath. He was pretty sad about it so I had to hold his hand!

Grandpa Kel and Grandma Cheryl

He is so tiny and sweet!

I think he looks so much like Ben in this picture!

On Sunday he had to be under to bilirubin lights. It looks like a terrible machine but it's really not too bad. And at least we got to keep him in our room and could take him out whenever we needed.

He is so precious!

LOVE this picture!

My sweet husband brought me these beautiful Gerber daisy flowers! He also was able to stay with me at the hospital the entire time (which I loved) because my Mom stayed at my house and watched all my kiddo's. Thanks Mom!

January 21, 2012

Brendan's birth story

Brendan Clarke Caldwell
born: January 14, 2012 at 3:37 am
weight: 7 lb. 8 oz.
length: 21 inches

One very tired Mommy!

And one tired Daddy

Logan got to be up there while I delivered (although he left the room when I started pushing) But he still thought it was neat he got to be there, and so did I!

Well it started out as a normal day, although it was Friday the 13th. My back was really sore all day but other than that nothing major. At about 5 pm that night when I stood up from going to the bathroom I felt a small gush and called Ben into the bathroom and told him that I thought my water had broke. But because it wasn't a big gush I wasn't sure. Ben thought I had peed my pants but I was pretty positive that I hadn't! But then over the next hour the gushes got bigger so we decided to go in to be sure. When we got up to the hospital they tested it and it was positive for amniotic fluid. I then got admitted to a room and got told she would start me on some pitocin since I wasn't having any contractions. But shortly after they had a code blue c-section called and the anesthesiologist was help up in there for a while then after they had another emergency c-section that he had to be at so needless to say I was last on the list for an epidural. Luckily my nurse hadn't turned up my pit very much. So I ended up getting my epidural at 11:15 pm. and finally got my pit turned up. I was dialated at a 6 at that time and hadn't moved much they kept having a hard time keeping the babies heart beat on the monitor so I had to stay in one spot. Eventually I got to turn on my other side which dialated me to a 10 in literally 10 minutes. That was at 3:15 and we had him and after 1 push we had our beautiful baby boy. It is amazing to me how much you can love someone you have just met. But that is exactly how I felt. When they put him on my stomach he grabbed my finger it was precious. The rest of that day and weeked was a blur I was so exhausted from lack of sleep. They told us that he had a heart murmur that morning and that 90% of babies that have them at birth clear up within 48 hours. And by Sunday morning it had thank goodness. But the bad news was that he had elevated jaundice so he had to be put under the lights the whole day Sunday and Monday morning. He was much better after that so we didn't have to take lights home that day. We had spent the whole weekend trying to decide on a name for him. I had him at exactly 37 weeks, and thought I had a couple more weeks to figure it out. It took us until he was 6 days old to decide...but hey at least we did right!? So far he had been a great baby and we love this little guy more than I could ever describe.

Brylee's missing tooth

As we walked in the door from the hospital Brylee met us with a bent back tooth. She had bitten into a corn dog stick and her loose tooth was finally on it's way out. Ben took her to the bathroom and out it came. She looks pretty grown up...I don't know if I like it! She is pretty darn cute though!!