August 26, 2011

Studio 48 Dance

Brylee took dance this Summer at Studio 48. She LOVED it!!! Silly pictures!

A picture with her teachers Shaelyn and Cassie after her recital.
She got the cute medal she's wearing and a bouquet of 6 mini hot pink roses!

Her awesome toe touch jump (at least that's what I think it is)!

She did so good we signed her up for Fall classes, hooray!

Awesome job Brylee, I am so proud of you and how great you did!!! You've really come out of your shell this year and you weren't even nervous at all!

It's a boy!!!

We went to 16 wk appt. and found out we are having a little boy! These pictures aren't very good. This little boy is super shy and doesn't seem to cooperate with showing us his face or privates! This picture is of his man parts. Although to be honest I even have a hard time seeing it and this IS my fourth boy!

We're really excited to be having a boy! I was thinking with 4 boys and Ben we could have our self a basketball team!!!! Brylee was extremely disappointed to learn she wouldn't be getting the sister she has been praying for, for months! Boston and Logan however were happy as a clams! So I guess you can't go pleasing everyone, he he!

August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Brylee started her first day of 1st grade today. I'm super sad to have her in all day school but I know she'll do awesome, she is so smart! You are growing up so fast, love you Bry!!!

August 15, 2011

Caldwell Family Reunion

Shirley's family hosted the Caldwell reunion this year in Bear Lake (one of my favorite places!)
We had a blast spending three days at the beach! I noticed that in all my picture taking I managed not to get any pictures of Ben or myself, just kids and family...but I promise we were there! Everyone hanging out at the beach

Carter (with help from his sissy) and Boston making their homemade boats.

Here they are getting ready to float them.

Dinner at the KOA with everyone.

These are what the girls got to make. Cloth tied flip flops, aren't they the cutest!

Carter chillin on the boat

Logan got Dr. Richter's approval to go wake boarding. He was thrilled he could finally do something exciting since most of his Summer has been surgery and slings!

This boy sure loves his sister!

KOA choo choo train ride (my kids favorite) they probably rode it 10 times. It was a wonderful babysitter while we were packing up to leave!


Me and the little kids had the opportunity to go and see my Dad and Caroline. Since it was the last free weekend we had before school started we took it! The first day we went to Como Lake.

The kids swam for about an hour and then it started to rain so we didn't get to stay very long. But it was still really fun!

Then we went to Crystal Park were we dug and sifted for crystal's. We found alot of good ones including one that was the size of a softball! This is my favorite place ever!

The last day there my Dad and his wife Caroline had to work so we super lazy and just hung out all day!

I always love being at my Dad's it is always so peaceful, fun and relaxing. We get to go up in October to go hunting again and I can't wait!!!!

Swim Lessons

Brylee and Boston took swim lessons at the Roy Complex this Summer. Here is Bry are her instructor helping her do a back float. She did awesome and has started swimming tons better.

Boston did really good too!

Here he is with his instructor. Boston did an awesome back float.