March 25, 2013

Oh, Carter

 Hey there Mister, I think you have something on your face! 
What a goofball! Next time shoot for a little more teeth and a lot less lip!!!

Silverwolf of the Month

 Logan's drafting teacher Mr. Paskett nominated Logan for Silverwolf of the month. Each teacher is allowed to nominate one student per year. So it is a pretty big deal! Me and Chad (Logan's Dad) were able to attend a nice luncheon for the students nominated, after we ate Mr. Paskett stood in front of everyone and gave a speech about why he nominated Logan for the award. He has so many nice things to say...which of course I already knew all of them! It was really special, I am so proud of him. I couldn't ask for a better son.

Ice fishing

 These are pictures of when we went ice fishing at Pineview at the first of the month. It was a much needed outing after a very long Winter! We all had a great time fishing, sledding and hanging out with family. Unfortunately Carter and Brendan got sun burnt pretty bad. I felt terrible, but I promise you I won't ever forget sunscreen again!

 Carter was so proud of himself for catching this fish all by himself!
Boston even got two at the same that's talent!

Our trip to Primary Children's Hospital

 Monday, March 4th was by far the worst day of my life! It started bright and early when I went to pick up our neighbor girl for school. I forgot to put my car in park and rolled my car into her parents garage door. Then on top of  and Carter already having a swollen face from being sun burnt on Saturday (a side effect from the antibiotics he was on that I didn't know about) I just so happened to glance in the toilet that Carter never flushes and noticed that there was blood in the water, and a lot of it. It of course scared me, so I called our pediatrician who had us come right in. Carter ended up having an accident in the office so Dr. Allred was able to see the blood. So he decided that it would be best for us to be admitted to Primary Children's hospital in SLC. Ummm, can I just say scary!!! After an overnight stay and some testing the conclusion was that he had C. Diff. colitis. Which is an intestinal infection that he got from the antibiotics he was on from the staph infection he caught after he had his tonsils out in January. He also was a little anemic (probably from the intestinal bleeding) A couple of weeks before some blood work had also come back that his IgM level was way low also. It has something to do with his immune system not having enough antibodies in it. The official name for that is "selective IgM deficiency" it's not too serious unless combined with other low or high blood tests or if it gets too low. He is also still having upper stomach issues so we went to a G.I. at the TOSH hospital in Murray they suggested some things it could be and had him do another stool sample and more blood work and to schedule a scope to be done at Primary Children's in Riverton on April 19. For the most part I think he is doing good. We just need to get this poor kid feeling better again!

 He got absolutely spoiled by his nurse Beverly. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with her. She was great, she kept telling him she wanted him to get a fever so he would have to stay with her! But I was very glad to be sent home, hospital beds are terrible!

 He got to order anything of the menu all day long!

Thank you to our family for all of the love, support and prayers. We couldn't have survived it without you. WE LOVE YOU!