April 30, 2011

A fantastical birthday party

Today we celebrated Brylee's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with my side of the family. She picked out this cute Tinkerbell cake. And got spoiled with some great gifts, thanks everyone!

Everyone chowing down on some pizza.

Carter was obsessed with Chuck E.

Watch out Quinn you're riding with a mad man!!!

Brylee was big enough to go over and do the skeeter ball. She loved it and ended up getting really good at it. That was my favorite game when I was younger... so it was a proud moment!

Whack that mole, buddy!!

Boston was so cute on this horse. He was so excited and was kicking it and raring it back like a real horse. Oh, how this boy makes me laugh!!!

Carter LOVED this ball game. I wish I would of video taped his face, he got so excited when the balls would fly up.

This was the last ride of the night if you couldn't tell. He was so tired and all he wanted to do is hug this dog, it was really cute!

Thanks to everyone who came, it meant a lot to us! We had a fantastic time and will definitely be going back for the little boys birthdays.

Happy Birthday Brylee!

We celebrated Brylee's birthday at the Caldwell's a week early because they all went to Hawaii over her actual birthday. Here is her blowing out the candles on her cake. Make a wish...

She got really cute stuff, thanks everyone!!!

Love you Bry! I can't believe you are already six years old. You are my sweetheart and I love and cherish every day I have with you!!!

April 29, 2011

Take me on a ride...

Ben's parents got a new riding lawn mower so they gave us their old one and the new trailer since they liked their old one better. Hurray for us, we love free stuff!!! The kids spent all day in this trailer and I even got my lawn mowed! It's the little things in life.

April 25, 2011

our Easter weekend

We went to Hooper park for their Easter egg hunt, it was chilly but fun nonetheless. Here is Bry and Boston with Mr. and Mrs. Easter bunny (Carter and Logan were way done by this point)! All of their goodies...

Carter getting ready for the hunt! He actually did really good this year picking up his own eggs, he's getting too big too fast!

Later we dyed our Easter eggs.

We sat the Easter bunny out some carrots a glass of water and a cookie that Brylee frosted.

Easter morning was super fun, the kids ate way too much candy which made for a (not so super) sacrament! Later we went over to Ben's parents for a delicious ham dinner and a fun "clue style" Easter egg hunt. Despite all of us having the cold bug we had a great day, and it's always the best to have Logan on the holidays and have our family be complete. I love you all so much!!!


This last weekend Ben and Logan got to go surf at the flowrider in Ogden. Logan had been before but it was Ben's first time. They were pretty sore the next day but said they still had an awesome time. Here are a couple of pictures. Logan is such a natural athlete!

April 22, 2011

Dinosaur Park

Today for a field trip Brylee's Kindergarten class got to go to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden. And I got to tag along!

It was tons of fun, I'll have to take the boys back soon!

April 14, 2011

Easter Cookies

Today we made some delicious frosted sugar cookies. We had lots of frosting colors and sprinkles to choose from. FUN, FUN, FUN!! Brylee did a great job frosting...quite the pastry chef I might say!
Aren't these the cutest Easter cookies you ever did see?!?!
Good job guys, I had tons of fun making these with you!

April 4, 2011

FHE fun

Easter is my most favorite holiday because it reminds me of the sacrifice our savior made for us and it means warm weather is on it's way! Tonight for family home evening we talked about the true meaning of Easter and made these fun bird nest treats. The kids did a great job at making their own nests. It was super sticky but actually fun and easy!

Aren't they the cutest little things you ever did see!

New pets

We sure have some cute little pets around this house! A precious kitty A pouty puppy
And a hoppity frog
Don't you just love fun towels!? My kids sure do!