April 22, 2009

Spring is finally here!!

Today my sister came over and I was watching my friend Holly's kids so we thought that it would be fun to run through the sprinklers since it was such a hot day! All these little kids play so good together since they are all around the same age. It was a lot of fun and I VERY much so enjoyed being outside soaking up some rays. Both Quinn's were out of the picture and so was little Carter but here is.... Autumn, Brylee, Avery, Addison, and Boston
The girls running, and screaming through the sprinklers!! LOTS of fun!

We live by a slough and these two little ducks come over every time they here us outside. The kids just love feeding them bread, they were here last year too, I didn't know ducks came back every year!
**update on potty training**
Boston has done really well, yesterday (day 7) we had our first accident free day, YEAH! So hopefully he will get better at telling me he has to go so I am not constantly having to ask him all day! All in all I am very proud of him, he is getting so big!,

April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today all of us girls went out to lunch at Rainbow Gardens for my Mom's birthday. It was delicious!! We all gobbled our food up and went browsing around in all the shops, It's really a neat place.
The Birthday girl!!!

Oh my....


Despite all the silliness it was a really nice day. My Mom is such a special person and I just don't know how I would ever live without her. She always makes me smile and is such a great Mom and Grandma.
Happy Birthday Mom, I love ya!

April 16, 2009

Potty training!!

Trying to go like a "BIG" boy! He did it once but decided he it was too exhausting to stand......and........wait......... so we grabbed a couple of books and this is were we've been for two days (literally). It's had it's ups and downs ,but for the most part it has been rewarding for both of us. I'm hoping by posting about it that it will encourage me to keep it up!
Wish me luck!!!!!

April 13, 2009

HaPpY EaStEr!

We started off Easter weekend with an egg hunt at Hooper Park. It was fun, but there was a ton of people there so they didn't get much candy and it was over in about 30 seconds. Bry was a little emotional as you can tell by the picture.

They were REALLY excited about the Easter bunnies though. There was a BOY and a GIRL bunny and they thought that was really neat.

Then later that night we died our eggs.

Carter just wanted to munch on them, it was really cute! He got SO excited when he saw his Dad with one. He would try really hard to get it into his mouth.

Here is our set-up for the Easter bunny!

Easter morning! Brylee and Boston got battery powered 4-wheelers and Logan got new basketball shoes and some cash. Carter didn't get anything big (we're taking advantage of the one year he doesn't care if he gets anything or not)! He has so much stuff handed down from Bry and Boston anyway. Throughout the day they re hid their eggs, and had a lot of fun doing it.

What a cutie!

Later we went out and flew Bry and Logan's kite's it was fun. Boston even got a turn, he did better than I thought!

We just love this swing!

Boston got his first bee sting of the year ( a little early isn't it)? I guess it didn't help that he grabbed it off of a dandelion. Such a tough guy! Here he is showing you his mud.

Sunday afternoon we went over to my Mom's. They had a cute little Easter egg hunt planned. They all had their own little sections (very well planned)!

Some of the eggs had prize notes in them. So they would take it to Grandma and she would give them their prize! Boston, Brylee and Carter got books and Logan got a cool football and a Lego kit. Then we roasted hot dogs and brats in the fire pit. It was a lot of fun and much needed. Ben ended up having to work ALL weekend so it was nice for the break!

It also important to reflect on the real meaning of the holiday. The resurrection of Jesus Christ. It means so much to me that he sacrificed everything for us. I wish that I could be that unselfish. It is easy to forget the important things in life sometimes, but I'm working on it!

April 10, 2009


Our neighbor Elijah has this little Escalade he always drives Brylee and Boston around in. Logan thought he would catch a ride on the back too. It must have some power to haul all of those kids around! It's also a good thing we live on a quite road, I just love our neighborhood! It gets a little crazy at times!

But they just LOVE it!

Carter was snoozing in the swing.

They have so much fun with Elijah, and we're glad he has such fun toys!

April 4, 2009

Our first camp-out!!

Yes, you read the title right! We bought a new camping trailer on Thursday. It's older but it has more beds and a lot more room! The last one we had was just WAY to small for our growing family. And we were all REALLY excited about it......

So last night Brylee talked us into sleeping over in it last night. Of course it was just parked on our RV pad but it was still fun. The kids slept through the night, I was the only one who didn't thanks to our uncomfortable bed (Ben could sleep like a baby on rocks ) I however, cannot. So today I am going to get padding because I don't think that my back could take another night of that!

They're just a little excited!

We got up this morning and had breakfast and ventured inside to watch confrence. It was a fun family night!
The kids are SOO excited to go on our first "real" camping trip. Bry never stops talking about it. Boston and Brylee are both so excited to have her own bed! Now hopefully the sun will come out so we don't have to be cooped up inside anymore we have Spring fever really bad!!!
***Oh and if you know of any one who needs a small hunting trailer. It's a 17' 1974. We need to sell it ASAP. It's on KSL Ad #6056697 with some pictures.***