January 31, 2009

Good job Logan!

Logan got his report card back and he straight A's! He's done this a couple of times but I wanted to post it to show everyone. He is so smart and I NEVER have to worry about if he's gotten his homework done correctly or if he's learning everything that he's supposed to at school. I guess learning has always come naturally to him. That's good because next year he'll be in Jr. High!! Good job on all the 4's bud!

January 29, 2009

January 28, 2009


Me and Brylee got to go to the Jazz game last night with Ben's parents and have a fun night out. They have 4 season tickets and always ask us to go. Logan was supposed to go with me but ended up throwing up so Bry got to go again after just going with Ben on Saturday night! (spoiled!!) It was the Jazz Bear's birthday so all of his mascot buddies came to help him celebrate! Below is a lion I'm not sure from what team. Anyway he gave her five and she thought that was SO cool. Her favorite part about going is the Jazz Bear she absolutely LOVES him!
Grandmpa Punkinhead (that's what she calls him) taught her how to clap with these obnoxious sticks! It made her hair really staticy (is that even a word!)

All the mascots in a huddle before showing off their dunking skills.

Kyle Korver, my fav!! Darren Williams is my fav too, I couldn't get a picture of him though.

The mascot's dressed up as big ballon dolls, it was really funny!
We had a great night and got really spoiled as usual! The Jazz ended up losing to the Spurs 1oo to 106 :( but it was a awesome game and they played great! And by the end of the night we both had sick tummies from all the snacks Grandpa bought us! Thank you Kel and Cheryl your the best!

Homemade hot fudge and some crazy dancing!

So on Sunday night after my brother's birthday party (happy birthday Tyrel)
our neighbors Justin and Holly invited us over for ice cream and Justin's homemade hot fudge! It was delicious and I know I ate way too much!

Afterwards the kids played an "I Spy" game and us adults played the game "Would you rather.....?" The game really had nothing to do with dancing. But you end up having landing on challenge spaces and have to act out certain things which just happend to always be dancing.

Below Justin had to dance with a mop it was hilarious he put on the song by Allison Krauss "When you say nothing at all" . Because I suppose you can't dance with a mop without a sappy love song!!

When Holly landed on one she had to dance to a song it was SOOO funny! It is kind of embarrassing though because I am laughing so hard in this video that I snort!
I ended up having to do something too but this is my post and I am NOT putting it in here! It was pretty funny too, sorry I guess it will just only be burned into Justin, Holly, and Ben's mind FOREVER!! Ben was lucky he didn't end up getting one of those challenges. Good thing I guess because he would have died because he's gets so embarrassed!
Thanks for having us over you guys!

January 24, 2009

Logan's basketball

Every Saturday for the past couple of weeks Logan has had basketball games. His team isn't very good but it's all for fun right?! Logan has played really good this year making quite a few baskets. Today he did get fouled out though but hey, at least he's assertive. I don't know why all of these pictures turned out so blurry. I even had it on sports mode. Anyway he's the one in the blue shorts shooting the basket.

January 20, 2009

Things I love about my kids

Logan is very well behaved and always has been. He has always loved sports and being outdoors. He has also always been really smart and done great in school. My favorite thing about him though is his very big heart. Brylee is a firecracker she has always been very mature for her age. She is a great helper and is like a second Mom around here. She is very sensitive but has a gigantic heart! My favorite thing about her is her personality, everyone seems to be drawn to her.
Boston is such a bruiser. He absolutely loves to be outside and into anything dirty. He has a really cute personality and makes the funniest expressions with his eyes. My favorite thing about him is his laugh, you can't help but smile when you hear it.

Carter loves his baths and his feet rubbed. He also loves to eat and be held! My favorite thing about Carter is his dimple when he smiles! It is adorable!!

Carter has started to smile alot so I have gone a little picture crazy! But it's too hard to resist taking a pictures of him.

He is starting to get his own little personality. He's so much fun for all of our family to get to know!

January 17, 2009

Carter's checkup

On Wednesday Carter had his 2 month checkup. Dr. Cook said he looked great. He has a clogged tear duct in his left eye but he said it more than likely will clear on its own. He's also already 12 lbs 12 oz and 24 in. long. He's a big healthy boy and as you can see he doesn't miss any meals!

January 5, 2009

Carter's blessing

Sunday Ben gave Carter a beautiful blessing.
Carter is such a special part of our lives and brings so much happiness to everyone. I can't even imagine my life without that adorable face! A very special thank you to Ben's Mom for working really hard to knit Carter's blessing outfit. And to my Mom for crocheting his beautiful blanket.
Another thanks to all of our family who came to the blessing and the yummy luncheon. All of you mean so much to us!
Here is our cute family, posing for our after church picture.

So fun!

The weekend after Christmas we took the kids over to Ben's parents for some tubing. They had a blast! They were all such troopers they stayed out in the cold alot longer then I thought they would.