December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010...

Our memorable moments in 2010


~Boston went into sunbeams
~We went on a fun family vacation with the Caldwell's to Vegas to visit Chris and Lani!
~Brylee graduated from preschool with teacher Vicki (who she loved)!
~Brylee turned 5 and got spoiled with a friend birthday party.
~Carter went into nursery!
~We celebrated our 6th anniversary!
~We had an awesome Summer filled with lots of camping with the Caldwell's and my sister's family!!!
~We took our fun annual Summer trip to see my Dad in Montana and had some good laughs playing scrabble.
~Logan became a teenager!!! Yes, 13....sigh.
~My sister Mikka got married to her sweet husband Nick in August.
~Brylee started Kindergarten...another sigh!
~Carter turned 2 and Boston turned 4 (time goes too fast)!
~My Dad surprised us by deciding to visit from Montana and spend Christmas with us! He hasn't been here for 3 years so it was super special for us!
~ We really did have a fabulous Christmas, I might dare to say it was the best so far!


~Trisha's mystery sickness that pretty much resulted in a lot of money waisted and no answers...blah...
~Carter fell out his bedroom window...a nine foot fall (YIKES!) and was perfectly fine, he definitely had an angel watching over him!!!
~In August Logan crashed his dirt bike and broke his collar bone...his first and hopefully last break!
~Also in August Boston crashed his bike and cut open his forehead (again) and got 13 stitches!
~Ben got diagnosed with 28 allergies...yes 28! But finally got some medicine that seems to help.
~Trisha got an untreatable form of tonsillitis and had to have T&A surgery at the end of Oct.
~Brylee had a horrible sinus infection that turned in to a double ear infection that wouldn't go away. Then had to have a T&A surgery and tubes put in her ears the first of Dec.!

This year really has brought our family so close together, so I'm going to have to say that I am truly thankful for it. But I'm definitely going to hope for a healthy 2011!!!

December 27, 2010

Christmas morning

We had to wake up Carter this year to open presents....can you tell (he's still sleeping)!!! He's more like his Mom and isn't much of a morning person!

Ben with his grill box

My fabulous husband got me a Nook Color (ebook), I am seriously spoiled!

Logan got some Fox shoes, earbuds and a stock for his paintball gun
Brylee got her squinkes, a laptop, barbies and a jewelry box that plays music
Boston got a train set, iron man, and a kids laptop
Carter got a Woody doll, a toddler laptop and a Buzz playhut

Brylee being silly

After a delicious omelet breakfast and indulging in our gifts we headed over the Caldwell's house for a wonderful dinner with family. We had an absolutely fantastic Christmas this year. I couldn't of asked for better.

Christmas Eve Traditions

We started out our night with a delicious dinner, my Dad cooked us some yummy kabobs! Then we did our nativity scene tradition while Ben read Luke 2. Carter, as you can see, didn't really want to be a part of it but we stuck him in the manger anyway he, he!!!
We then opened up our Christmas jammies, hooray! Then we did a tradition I've done since I was little. My Dad read us "Twas' the night before Christmas"

We were lucky enough to have Grandpa (in Montana) come down this year. It has made our Christmas so special!
The kids just can't get enough of him!

December 20, 2010

Santa and Ogden lights!

Saturday we went to see the "real" Santa Clause at the Ogden City lights. Here are the kids with their turn on Santa's lap. Brylee asked for a baby swing and squinkie toys. Boston asked for a big Iron Man guy.
And Carter looked like this the entire time. He didn't even move! And sadly the time has come that Logan didn't want to sit on Santa's lap...sigh.

Notice Carter's candy cane hanging from his mouth, he kept it like this through the whole park. I think he was in a sugar coma...he, he!

The reason for the season...

I hope everyone has themselves a merry little Christmas!

December 18, 2010

Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall

Hopefully this snowman doesn't melt small, small, small. Because I'm REALLY hoping for a white Christmas this year!

What a FUN snow day!!!

Tea party for two

Brylee checked out a "Fancy Nancy" book from the library at school. It's all about tea parties. We had to follow every step just like the book, if you know Brylee that's how she is about everything! And Boston is such a good sport about all the girly things his sister talks him into!

December 15, 2010

Neighborhood Christmas Party

Our fantastic Christmas party was thrown by the fabulous Smith's. We had an "ugly" sweater contest.

Justin and Holly
Doesn't he look like a cousin Eddie clone with that Dickie on!!!
Ben and Trisha

I was cracking up at Ben's sweater it was a tad small! And my sweater was crotchet by my late Aunt Dolly. Isn't it beautiful?! (my fav part was the winged sleeves)
Carley and Chris
I have to say Carley pulled that cowgirl sweater off well!

Scott and Jana

Amy and Kirk
Vests...what a crack up!

Jeremy and Peter
Loving the pink and purple sweater Peter!

Brooke and Kevin
Kevin...are you sleeping!? HA, HA!
(that's what you get for trying not to look at the camera!)

Malissa and Doug

Brandon, Stacy and baby Hudson
Check out Brandon's turtleneck and sock's, hilarious!
He was the winner of the "ugly" sweater contest by a long stretch!

Here is how our first game went. There were candy bars wrapped in newspaper and put in a bag full of more newspaper. You had to roll 7, 11 or doubles and had to wear gloves. It got a little crazy, but it was fun!

Next was my favorite "Christmas Feud"
Justin and Holly did an excellent job with their parts on this one! And I instantly fell in love with Justin's stunning gold blazer, he, he!!! The girls won of course, maybe next year boys!

We had a FANTASTIC time!
Thank you Justin and Holly for all your hard work!! You are wonderful party planners,
I always look forward to anything you put together!

December 9, 2010

Brylee's surgery

On Monday we took Brylee into the surgical center so Dr. Siddoway could take her tonsil's and adenoids out and put tubes in both her ears. She's been sick with a sinus infection that won't go completely away for a year. It eventually moved into her ears and now the fluid in them won't drain. She's been on loads of antibiotics with no luck so her ENT Doctor said it was time to try this. Here she is before wrapped up in a nice warm blanket. She wanted us to come with her, it was sad.

But the anesthesiologist gave her an awesome ride in the wagon on her way into surgery.

Her surgery went well. She was pretty sleepy so the nurses in the first recovery room had a really hard time waking her up. She told me when she got to us, in the second recovery room that her throat hurts and she doesn't want to have surgery anymore. I told her honey you already had your surgery and she looked at me like I was the meanest person in the world! But after reading her about 10 books while snuggling with her in her bed, she forgave me!
Our old neighbor Mikell was a nurse there and babied her to death! She even dressed up the puppy we got her in doctor attire! The cute stuffed panda on the right is what the surgical center gave her and they gave out a cute little duck too.

Since then we've had some minor meltdowns especially yesterday. But today she woke up telling me that her throat and ears didn't hurt at all. I even sent her to school since she only goes for a half day and she was fine!! She tougher than me, I was out of commission for a week!!! We love you Bry and we're so proud of you for being brave!

Happy Birthday Ben

Last week was Ben's birthday and we celebrated by having his parent's over for dinner, cake and ice cream, and the Jazz game!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday this year. You do so much for our family, you deserve it. We love you're the best!!!

Another Jazz game...HOORAY!

We got another oppurtunity to get all four tickets to the Jazz game on Boston's birthday. It was a lot of fun and a special day for Boston! I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday this year, love you buddy!
Thank you so much Kel and Cheryl, you're the best!