June 12, 2012


Brendan is 4 1/2 months in these pictures. And his favorite things right now are his blanky, sleeping, his thumb and being tickled!!!
 He is so cute and photogenic!
 I love how he looks like he's wants to eat something in this one!
Brendan is such a good baby. He really only cries when he's tired, hungry or has a yucky bum. He has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives, we couldn't be more in love with him!!!

June 2, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 For Memorial weekend we went to Smith and Moorehouse reservoir. Ben and the kids caught lots of fish and had a blast. It ended up snowing for two days so we spent alot of time watching movies and playing games with family. But it was just as much fun!
We only got a couple of pictures of this camp trip because Carter got a hold of our camera and dropped it on the asphalt and broke the lens. So maybe Ben will get a new camera for Father's day!

Boston's Preschool Graduation

 Boston and Teacher Vicki
 The Graduate!
 They were all so good at their dances!
 Boston read "Hey diddle, diddle" for his nursery rhyme
At school, Boston likes playing airplanes, painting, and gluing things. He loves going to the toy store with his Mom. He likes ice-fishing with his Dad. Boston likes going camping in his trailer with his family. His favorite foods are pancakes, popcorn, and spiderman fruit snacks. When Boston grows up he wants to be IRONMAN!!!

This boy sure makes his us smile!