July 26, 2011


Over the 24th we went camping up Mirror Lake Hwy. to the soapstone campground. The first night we were there we celebrated Logan's 14th birthday with some yummy cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday Logan!

my sister Dina

Boston and Tyrel


Ben, Brylee and Carter at Washington lake

All of us at the Provo river falls washing our hair.

It was REALLY cold water. We all got a major brain freeze...ouch! But well worth clean hair!! And I'm sure we'll ALL remember this for years to come!

All of us fishing at Trials lake

Carter found the last piece of snow there...of course!

Brylee, Autumn, Carter and Boston

We had a great time, it was fun and actually really relaxing! I hope we make this an annual event!!!

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan celebrated his 14th birthday camping this year. He loved it!! He got a new bike!

We teased him with this hot wheels car and then took him outside to show him his real present!

Yummy breakfast donut!!!

Happy Birthday bud, I hope that you had a great birthday. Love you lots!

July 7, 2011


Notice anything about the shirts they have on........yep, that's right we're having a baby!! I am due Feb. 4th and we are all super excited. We should be able to find out what we are having the end of this month, so keep posted!
Silly faces!

North Fork camping trip

Over the 4th of July weekend we went up to North Fork camping to celebrate Kel's birthday.
My BIL Scott brought up these awesome hammocks he got from Guatemala. They were a huge hit and the kids all fought over them all weekend!

It was super hot all weekend so we mostly hung out in the shade and either chatted or played games. On Friday we went and hiked up to a waterfall, it was beautiful. But I forgot my camera so no pictures of that.

Filthy kids!!! The water looked like chocolate milk by the time they got done...yuck!

Pretty sunset on our last night there.

We got home on the fourth so we went and picked up a couple of fireworks for the kids. They loved them and then we sat on our deck and watched everyone else's aerial fireworks. It was a fun night!

East Canyon camping trip

Over Father's Day weekend we went camping with 4 families from our ward to East Canyon. It was tons of fun and we can't wait to do it again!

Josh giving a trout some lovin'

Aryn, Hailey, Brighton, Sasha and Brylee watching the boys fish

Logan got some fish even though he had surgery on his collar bone to put a plate and screws in the day before!!!!

Mom and Carter

That's alot of popsicles! Mckall, Danika, Kinsley, Carter, Brylee, Hailey, Brighton and Boston

The only ones brave enough to get in the freezing water! Boston, Carter, Hailey, Brighton and Brylee.

I think we should make this a yearly tradition! It was fun to camp with friends, thanks to all that came!!!!


We took the kids up to East Canyon they had a blast. Pretty nice fish too! We snuggled up next to the fire while Dad finished fishing.

I took my brother Tyrel and all the kids up to Causey while Ben was gone to St. George. Unfortunately I lost my ignition key and it ended up being a long night of riding with a nice but very strange guy into Huntsville and a long next day getting it towed to the Honda dealership so we could get a new key...phew what a day!

Tyrel's very petite fish!

Boston caught the very first fish of the evening! Good job buddy!!