February 28, 2013

Family Pictures

We had our pictures taken...finally. They turned out SUPER cute despite that it was freezing and Carter apparently had strep throat!
Logan is 15. Brylee is 7. Boston is 6. Carter is 4. Brendan is 1.

LOVE my family!

February 16, 2013

Where is Carter...

 Here he is!!! This poor little guy has had a heck of a month. After getting his tonsils out and getting staph infection he now has a terrible cold and strep throat. He just can't seem to win. He has however been loving all the bubble bath's he has been getting! Getter better little dude!


 Ben sure knows the way to my heart...two dozen roses and a box of chocolate! He had these delivered the day before Valentines. It was a very nice surprise and they smell wonderful!
 For family night we had the Peck's over to frost sugar cookies. The girls all wanted mustaches!
It was a good V-day this year. I got to volunteer in Brylee's class and do a craft with everyone. And we had our traditional heart pizza for dinner. Unfortunately some of us have been sick so it could of been better but I won't complain too much!

Fremont Cheer

 Boys and their basketball!
 Brylee cheerleading for the boys basketball game at halftime.

 Bry and Addi got to do it together this year which was pretty cool! They are getting way to grown up it seems like just yesterday they were babies!
We sure have us a sweetheart. We sure love her!!

February 6, 2013

Brendan's one year checkup

 Brendan had his one year visit with Dr. Allred and here are his stats~
Height: 30 in. - 70%
Weight: 22 lb. 11 oz. - 52%
Head circumference: 49.5 cm. - 80%
 He is pretty darn adorable if you ask me!

 He is such a happy boy unless you get mad at him then you get the saddest face in the world!

We are so in love with his cute personality. Brendan loves music, to give kisses, walk on his knees, laugh, read books, to be tickled, go on wagon rides, snuggle sucking his thumb and holding his minky blanket. He doesn't like stuffed animals (they freak him out) or anything fuzzy (it makes him get grossed out and wrinkle his nose). He is a great eater and sleeper and has the cutest smile you have ever seen! He is just PERFECT, we love you Brenny bear!


We added another member to our chaotic family! Meet Sage our  new lab puppy. She is actually Ben's dog, he had begging me for a hunting dog for years and I finally caved! I mean come on, who could resist that face!!! She is so sweet and mellow. We love her so much already. Now if only I didn't have to potty train...she would be perfect!

My sister and me!

 Brylee is so good with Brendan. And he just loves helping her out! I thought they were so cute playing the piano together. He got a little crazy at times!