May 30, 2013

I like to look for rainbows...

 We just love the lovely rainbows that we've seen lately with all this rain.
Especially double ones!

Smith and Moorehouse camping

 For Memorial weekend we went to Smith and Moorehouse to do some fishing!

The kids had a blast and we caught and ate tons of fish! A trip to remember for sure!

Pools and otter pops

 While the older kids are in school the little boys will play! Brenny and Carter had a blast in the pool. These two have so much fun together! 


 Brendan has gotten so big! He has been walking...and running everywhere! He also loves squatting like this too. His favorite words are still NO and Mama. But that's ok as long as he's not using them in the same sentence! We sure love this boy, he makes us all smile and laugh every day!!

Pure Paintball Tournament

 Logan and his Uncle Chris played at the Pure Paintball tournament in Layton. There team is Identity Crisis and they did really good on Friday. But on Saturday is was pouring rain and they didn't do as well but still had tons of fun!

I am super proud of him, he has gotten really good! He did awesome and it was so fun to watch. I can't wait until your next one! And I have to say he had an awesome year academically at Fremont and this last semester he got a 4.0 GPA!!!

Brylee's field trip

 Brylee went on a field trip to Antelope Island with her 2nd grade class. Since Ben was off work because of his pneumonia he got to go with her. And she was happy about that!!! This is Brylee and her best friend Mayci.

Boston and Pete the Cat

 Boston got to bring "Pete the Cat" home from school. He was able to take him on many adventures. They went on the swing and went down the slide.
 He took Pete for a comfortable ride in the Tonka truck.
 He even got to go jump on the tramp (this one might not have been as fun for Pete)
And who can resist a bike ride stuffed in a shirt!

Boston LOVED having Pete at our house for a couple of days. But his most favorite part about having Pete was getting to snuggle with him at bed time. Boston is such a sweetie!

Brylee's Baptism

 I am so proud of Brylee for making the decision to be baptized. She is so sweet and kind in every way. 
 I am so happy that Ben was able to baptize her after having pneumonia fairly recently. He had just had over a quart of fluid drained from his lung the day before.
 We sure love this sweet girl! She is so happy to FINALLY be baptized.
 Grandpa and Grandma Caldwell
 Grandpa and Grandma Stewart
 Ben's side of the family
Trisha's side of the family

Afterward we met for lunch at Red Robin's in Layton. It was a very special day and I am glad that everyone came to support us. We love you all!

Happy Birthday Brylee

 I cannot believe that my sweet baby girl turned 8!

 She had a great birthday and got lots of great gifts. Her favorite thing was her very own scriptures!

Happy Birthday Brylee we sure love you! You bring so much joy and happiness into our lives!!!
Boston lost his third tooth by falling on his knee at school. It pushed his tooth completely forward so we had to pull it out. He was happy to have a dollar anyway!

May 2, 2013

Carter's scope

 On the day that Ben got released from the hospital Carter had a throat scope at Primary Children's in Riverton. He did really well. And they found out he has bad acid reflux but that is good news considering all the other things it could have been.

Ben's pneumonia/sepsis scare

Sunday after we came home from Idaho for Grandma Moon's funeral. Ben got really sick. He had thrown up, was super achy, had a fever, and was clammy. I was really worried about him. By Monday night he was throwing up blood. So I ran him up to urgent care. The Doctor there knew something was wrong but wasn't sure what it was so he sent us to the ER. The ER Doctor said he had a bad stomach virus going around and ended up sending us home with some nausea medicine. The next morning he was super sweaty and had a fever. He ended up throwing up and I knew something was wrong. I took him back to the ER and after the longest two hour wait of my life. They brought us back, Ben's heart rate was really high and his oxygen level was low so they ordered a chest x-ray. The Doctor came back and told us that Ben had bacterial pneumonia  I was stunned but relieved that they figured out what was wrong. Because his vitals were not very good and his left lung was so bad they admitted him to the hospital. The next day Ben got much worse and we learned that it was because the infection had gotten into his blood. So he was fighting two infections, pneumonia and sepsis! It was the hardest day for me. Ben was really confused and in and out of it. And I felt like I could loose him. He spent four days in the hospital.  Every day he is getting better, a little at a time. The healing process is slow but at least his on the mend. I can't wait until I get my husband back. He is my rock and I don't think I knew how much I appreciated him until now. I love you honey, and if you can help it please don't ever scare me like that again!!!