July 29, 2010

Make a wish...

We had Logan's Birthday party tonight. I still can't believe he's thirteen...although his attitude often reminds me! He really is such a great kid, I have NOTHING to complain about! His last GPA was 3.95, which is AWESOME!

I love you SOOO much, you'll always be my first baby! I hope you had the best birthday ever!

July 26, 2010


We went to my Dad's house a couple of weeks ago for a mini vacation. It really was a lot of fun. We mostly fished and played late night games of Scrabble...oh, the memories!
Here's my Dad with our kids...Carter wasn't too happy. This was a little pond we took the kids to.
This is me and Carter at the Wisdom creek.

My Dad put a feather and flowers in Brylee's hair...and of course she loved it!

I'll have to say Logan was quite the fisherman this trip!

Shooting our guns...

It was a great trip, thanks Dad!

July 21, 2010

13 years ago today...

I gave birth to the kindest, smartest, loving and handsome boy ever! I love you Logan...Happy Birthday!

For his birthday breakfast he requested waffles and since we don't get him tonight we lite candles and sang him happy birthday.

Make a wish....

I still can't believe I have a teenager!!!

July 15, 2010

Ice Sheet

Last Saturday we went to the Ice Sheet with the Daltons (aka my sister's fam)
Not the best picture... we all decided to pose in the brightest place possible!!! Brylee was the only on of my kids that got the hang of it. Here she is in princess pose as usual!
At one point or another we all got stuck packing one of our kids around the rink. Don't ask me why I thought that my kids might be natural skaters and actually want to step foot on the ice. Was it fun you ask....I'll have to think about that one!

My sister's family. Quinn, Shauna, Justin
Addi, Autumn (aka the wall riders)

Even though there were many who questioned why I wanted to go here, I think we all had fun at some point! I'll definitely be going there again...in about 3 years, unless I can't ditch two little boys!

July 9, 2010

Bear Lake

We our annual trip to Bear Lake over the fourth of July. It was by far the funnest trip this year. My sister Mikka and her fiance Nick came and my sister Shauna and her kids got to come too!

Here is Carter hanging out at the beach. Logan's awesome sand castle!

Yummy smores!!!

This is one of my favorite parts about our Bear Lake trip...shakes!

Brylee's had this new thing were she goes cross eyed a lot lately. She shared that for us, lovely Bry!

Mini golfing at the good ole' KOA

We rented these fun little bikes. In all the years we've stayed here we've never got them. I'm not sure why either cause they are TONS of fun! We had our bike, Shauna and Logan had theirs and Mikka and Nick had one too...we did a little racing.

Our trip this year was FUN, FUN, FUN!