January 19, 2013

Carter's surgery

On Wednesday Carter had an appointment with the ENT. I made it for him because his right tonsil was quite a bit larger than the other one. His tonsils are already really big, so because of the additional swelling he was having a hard time sleeping. He has also had a swollen lymph node on the right side of his neck for over a year that we had been watching. So the two symptoms together was enough for a trip to a specialist to see what we could do for this little guy.
Before the Dr. came into the room he had his P.A. come in to get us started. So upon his examination of Carter's nostrils he noticed that there was a foreign body (aka popcorn kernel) lodged inside his right nostril. Of course there is...for some reason this doesn't surprise me in the least bit. In fact me and my Mom found it so hysterical that we burst into laughter. I am sure the P.A. thought we were nuts. But you have to personally know this little guy to get the full effect of the situation. He's been known to give us trouble a time or two!!!
After assessing his tonsils and lymph nodes (apparently they were all swollen) Dr. Scheuller said that his right tonsil was a 4 and the left was a 3. They grade the size of tonsils from a 1 to 4, small to large. So they were big and very infected. He also said that his adenoids were as big as he had ever seen in a 4 year old. He also said that the lymph nodes were probably swollen due to prolonged infection of the tonsils and adenoids. So the solution is to take them out. But to make sure it wasn't from disease or cancer he was going to have his tonsils biopsied at the pathology lab. But noted that I shouldn't worry, that it's just a precaution...sure I'll do that! And then we scheduled the surgery for the next day! YIKES!
 When we were in the pre-op room Carter was really nervous. Which resulted in him freaking completely out when a nurse or doctor came in the room...fun times! I finally calmed him down by telling him that he could take his Woody doll and blankets with him...phew!
 Thank goodness for that wagon, it very well might have saved the day!
 See you soon dude!
 The first thing he said when he got out of surgery was "Mommy, I want to go home!" in pretty much the saddest voice I've ever heard. Then he took an hour nap, which must have helped because he woke up...
 drugged and happy! Thank goodness for pain medicine!
When we got home he threw up once but other than that he has done really good. He is pretty sore and only complains when it's time for him to have more Tylenol/ Advil. He must have a really high pain tolerance because he never even complained of a sore throat and according to Dr. Scheuller, he should have!We got a phone call the next day to say that the pathology report only showed infection and inflammation, no disease or cancer HOORAY! What a relief!!!

Carter did really good the first couple of days but got worse daily so we took him in a week after his surgery. He ended up having quite a bit of infection in the left side that they had to clean out. It came from  a nasty staph infection and he had to be put on another round of much stronger antibiotics. Poor little dude!
I am so happy that this little guy is on the road to recovery. I love you Carter.

January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Brendan!

 Happy 1st Birthday Brenny bear!!! A year has gone by way too quick and you are growing up so fast. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You are such a special boy, we just can't get enough of your contagious smile and laugh!
 Yummy cake!
 A fun bath in the sink.
 The yummy cake Mom made for your guests. It WAS as delicious as it looks!!!

 You are ONE happy boy!
 You LOVE balloons (if you couldn't tell by your face)!!!!
This is the cute name puzzle board I made for you. You really like it (but mostly to chew on)!

Thanks to all who came to give you some love on your big day! You got spoiled!!!

It's fun to paint!

 While I was painting Brendan's puzzle board for his birthday I let the boys paint their airplanes that Grandpa Pingree had made them when he was here. They had a lot of fun!!

Brylee's tumbling

 Brylee has been taking tumbling at Northstar Bounders for about a month now. She has already learned so much! She is getting really close to getting her back handspring!
 Look at her go! Her teacher says that she has really good form.
 Her being silly!
 She loves this class and has so much fun in it!

January 4, 2013

Carter's gymnastics

 A couple of months ago we decided to put Carter in a gymnastics glass. Hands down, best decision we have ever made for this boy! He has loved it sooooo much! And the best part is, he is a natural at it!!! Watch out Olympians here we come (just kidding, well maybe...I can go a bit overboard at times)
 Working with Coach Fred on the rings.

I am super in love with this boy, he still has his way of melting my heart!

Super snazzy outfits!

 I know I am bragging big time when I say this but I seriously have the BEST looking kids! Aren't they all super snazzy looking in their new outfits...I'd sure say so!!!
And I can't get enough of this handsome little guy! I can't believe how much he has grown, this last year has sure snuck up on me!

Christmas Break

 It snowed a bunch for a couple of days after Christmas so we had to enjoy that of course. Logan got to go snowboarding and enjoy the fresh powder! 
 Boston got to use his Spiderman web slinger (aka messy silly string) They ALL loved it! But I am not quite sure what the crap I was thinking letting him do this in the house. I learned my lesson after when it took me HOURS to clean up...all in the name of fun, right!? 
I would say Christmas break has worn all of us completely out!!!
(In case you are wondering Brylee's mouth is black...that's a hair barrette. I don't know why it's in her mouth while she is sleeping or how she didn't choke on it!)

And the stockings were hung...

Our Christmas morning was great, we all got super spoiled as usual! Unfortunately half of us felt pretty cruddy and weren't in the best mood (mainly me)! Luckily we all got a good nap in later so we were happy campers for our Christmas dinner at the Caldwell's.

Brendan got a crocodile ball chomper toy, an inch worm bike, clothes and a new Minky blanket!
 Logan got awesome snowboarding pants. And a nice beanie, gloves and clothes.
 Boston got cool spy walkie talkies that have live video feed and text. And clothes and Spiderman stuff galore.
 Bry got a cute salon doll with real hair, she can wash and curl it like a real persons! And lots of clothes and an Orbeez light.
 Carter got a bunch of fun hot wheels stuff. And clothes and thomas the train tracks and controller.
We gave the kids a Xbox with Kinect and a couple of games from us. Which we have all loved especially the Just Dance game!
 Ben got a stylish camo coat and a sweet pair of binoculars!
 And I got the most spoiled...a new Browning buckmark lite .22 pistol!!! I know this isn't every woman's dream but it sure is mine. I have wanted one for a very long time...YEAH!
 LOVE it!
 Even Belle and Chewy got some love in their stockings from Santa!
 We seriously have the cutest darn animals!!
I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!!!

Christmas Eve

This year on Christmas Eve we did our usual traditions which were opening jammies, dressing up for a Nativity scene while reading about Jesus' birth and had Grandpa Pingree reading us "Twas the Night Before Christmas".
Brylee had been to the doctor the night before and ended up having strep throat and croup. And Brendan had croup and a nasty cold for 2 weeks so some of the kiddos weren't feeling the greatest for the holidays, but they were in great spirits despite it!

Christmas cookies

 On Christmas Eve we made frosted sugar cookies for Santa. They were yummy!
 Carter got just a little carried away with sprinkles!!!
Santa's goodies with a special letter from Brylee...LOVE that girl!
And Brylee made an oats and sprinkles mix at school to pour on the lawn for Santa's reindeer.