February 25, 2008

Facts about Trisha

So my sister Shauna tagged me. I'm supposed to tell six things about me so here it goes.

1- I lOVE to shop. Ecpecially the clearance rack, sales, and outlet stores. I can justify buying anything if it's cheap enough. I too love to shop online to pass the time, but I hardly ever by anything. I love to get out of the house and so do my kids.

2- I am a huge outdoors girl, anything to do outside is were I will be. I love camping, fishing and even hunting. I have shot two deer in my life both 4 pointers. I like Shauna was raised in a camping trailer so to me the outdoors is home.

3- I also really enjoy cooking. I love to get and try new recipes. Food is such a great part of life. I get to stay at home Mom so I figure

4-Something some people might not know about me is when I was in High School I got pregnant. I had Logan when I was 16. It was really hard but I did it. I graduated with my class at Fremont. I am so proud to be his Mom. Logan is such a great kid, he is so smart and such a sweet boy.

5- When I get mad or have alot on my mind I clean my house. I like to think that I keep a pretty tidy home. But when I'm mad it's spotless. My reason I think I do it, is if I clean my house my mind will feel clear. If cleaning the house doesn't make me feel better I just go shopping. (that solves everything)

6-Some randoms things that I love in no specific order- my kids, chapstick, when I am tan, my Scentsy products, my new house, the beach, a shower in the morning, lotion, make-up, shopping, my family, chocolate, The Hill's, new ideas, my own bed, a good pair of jeans, planting flowers and keeping up on our yard (of which we don't have right now), vacations, alone time with my husband, and church.

Some things I hate- warm pickles, bad drivers, clutter, when my kids get hurt or sick, turkey pot pies, milk, negativity, traffic, and the end of Winter.

*I tag Holly, Laura and Cheryl.

St. George

This last weekend we went on a little road trip to St. George for my sister Dina's baseball tournament. It was alot of fun. It was nice and sunny on Saturday, and some of us even got a sunburn. This picture was at the pool at the condo we stayed at with Kel and Cheryl.

February 11, 2008

Here comes trouble!

So Boston is finally walking! It felt like he never was going to, he really just wasn't that interested. He would walk around things but just crawled from here to there. This last week he has just taken off walking everywhere like he's done it for months. Everyone is really excited even Chewy, his sis thinks it's pretty cool too. You thought he was a monster before, just look at that face!

February 10, 2008


So on Thurs. Ben, Logan and Brylee were playing hide- and -seek. Ben kept looking for Logan and kept saying Trisha have you seen Logan I can't find him anywhere. This went on for a half hour, but finally we found him. What a great hiding spot! Who knew he could fit in Brylee's laundry basket! I found him first, Ben must have walked by him 30 times. He even sat on Bry's bed to ponder staring at him and not even knowing he was there. We all got a good laugh.

Science Fair Project

Logan's science fair projet was on sports drinks and how they affect your heart rate. He did a great job and got picked out of his class for the final judging. Good job Logan!