December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we went over to my Mom's for dinner and show. The kids put on a short program. Which started out with Boston telling some Christmas knock, knock jokes then Carter singing a song. All of them performing "Once there was a Snowman" And Brylee singing "Alfie the Elf"

Then we followed with our yearly tradition of the Nativity scene as Uncle Rich read Luke 2. (Carter was being a turd about dressing up as he usually is)

Then opening Grandma's presents...

Boxing gloves...can you see Ben's mind going!?

When we got home Grandpa in Montana read us "Twas the Night before Christmas" on the phone.

Then we did reindeer dust to help Santa find our house.

And set our milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. I didn't get many pictures of Christmas morning just this one of the kids with their stockings. Me and Ben had to talk in sacrament meeting that morning so my mind might have been a bit preoccupied! But we all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Ben opening his Ipad! We both got one, we spoiled each other this year!

Logan came later and opened up his presents. Here he is getting ready to go snowboarding today!
Later than night we went over to Ben's parents for a yummy dinner and some good times!

The kids favorite presents were...Logan- snowboarding goggles, Brylee- baby alive, Boston- Finn R/C missile launching car, Carter- Alphie learning robot

December 20, 2011


The kids love going to see the "real" Santa Clause and the Ogden Christmas Village every year.

Boston asked for and Iron man, pillow pet and Indian stuff. As he got off his lap he said Merry Christmas Santa, it was honestly the cutest thing ever I wish I was recording it! Carter didn't ask for anything but a candy cane...that was easy!

Brylee asked for a lot of things that I didn't hear because she was talking so quietly but I'm sure she'll get every one if she's a good girl!

After we walked around and saw all the fun decorated houses.

This is one of our most favorite traditions!!!

Gingerbread houses

Last week I got to take the boys to Brylee's school to make gingerbread houses. It was a lot of fun and the boys loved being there. But most of all Brylee loved us coming to help with her class!
Brylee and Carter's house Boston's house

Christmas cookies

Last week we made Christmas tree sugar cookies and read one of our favorite books "The littlest Christmas tree"

They did a good job sprinkling and eating all those yummy cookies!

December 12, 2011

Candy Houses

For FHE we made rice krispie houses and decorated them. It's the easier version of a gingerbread house and we're all about easy around this house! And because I made way to much the kids all got to decorate their own house. Ta da! And there you have it, three adorable candy houses. They all did a great job and did almost their entire houses all by theirselves!

I love them...they are so cute!

December 5, 2011

O Christmas Tree!

So I am super excited about our Christmas tree this year! We got to go pick out our very first real tree, yeah!!! Here we are at the lot. We came home and decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa (our tradition).

The finished product...ta da!!! I love it! Brylee read a book in school about putting popcorn strands on a Christmas tree. And before I realized what a pain it would be I said we could do it, which then of course quickly turned into me doing it on my own! But the result what worth it!!!! Great idea Bry I love our (partly) homemade tree!

And there is nothing better than the smell of a real tree!

Happy Birthday Boston!

Happy Birthday Boston and Ben! This was their birthday breakfast. French toast with whipped topping and sprinkles (can't go wrong there)! Boston is the big 5! I can't believe he is already that old. He is such a sweet boy we love him so much!!!

Birthday presents from Mom and Dad

The robot we made from his erector set.

Iron man b-day cake (of course)! He did an awesome job helping me sprinkle all the cupcakes too.

Birthday presents from all the family!

Happy, happy birthday Boston man! I hope you had a great one. Love you!!

Kangaroo Zoo

Last week for Boston's preschool field trip we went to the Kangaroo Zoo in Ogden. The boys had a blast!

A little basketball

This is Boston's cute indian outfit he made at preschool for Thanksgiving. He looks so darn cute in it!