November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Boston!!!

Tonight for Boston's birthday we get to go as a family to the Jazz game! You bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love you buddy!! Happy Birthday!!!

So much to be thankful for....

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! Eating yummy food and being surrounded by loved one's who could ask for more? Here's Brylee's cute little outfit she got from Kindergarten.
I just want to take a minute to say what I'm thankful for:
The gospel and the comfort it brings me.
A fantastic husband who loves me unconditionally.
Four of the greatest kids a Mother could ask for.
My Dad, Shauna and Mikka and the happiness they bring to my life.
And good health!!!

November 23, 2010

Carter's 2 yr. Checkup

I took Carter to the doctor today for his 2 year old checkup. Luckily he was up to date with his shots and didn't get poked! The doctor was concerned with why he doesn't say many words and doesn't say two together at all. He did a hearing test on him and his left ear's hearing wasn't good. He's a had a cold for a couple of weeks so he thinks that might be why, but he wants me to come back in a month to get him checked. So hopefully it's just plugged from his cold! Brylee is really sick as well she's had a sinus infection since Sept. and now has a double ear infection that's being slow about healing. The doctors have run some blood work and we're hoping to get some answers on why she is staying sick. If those come back fine, then we'll need to check out her sinus cavities by an ENT. I tell ya, this has just been one heck of a year for us!!! Here are his stats:
Weight~ 29 lbs., 55%
Height ~ 27 inches, 95%

November 22, 2010

Boston and Carter's birthday party!

My Boston boy turns 4 next Monday and Carter had his Birthday last Sunday so we met in the middle with the party so big brother Logan could be there. Had to have a Buzz cake of course him and Carter are obsessed with him!!! I LOVE that grin! Happy Birthday bubba I can't even fathom that you'll be 4 years old. Seems like yesterday you were little bitty (if you every were)!
Carter having a stare down with the cake!

Me protecting it and trying to get him to blow out his candle before he burns himself on it...this boy, I tell ya!!

Boston had an awesome day and loved everything he got!

Carter's day was pretty darn great too! Thanks to everybody who made their day super special!

Love you both tons!!!

My cute little wrestler

We decided in the Fall to sign up Boston for wrestling at Fremont. We hesitated a little because he's young but thought it would be a somewhat positive way for him to let some of his aggressiveness out! He's hasn't been an all-star quite yet. It' hard because he'll be 4 in a week but he weighs 40lbs!!! So it's hard to find a 3-4 year old who weighs that much so he ends up going against a 40lb. K-1st grader who's been wrestling a couple years. So he usually gets frustrated. Hopefully he get the hang of it so he doesn't spend every tournament on his backside looking at the ceiling! We are still really proud of him, here he is with his medal at the Weber High tournament, go Boston! Some of that aggressiveness showing through! He, he!
Waiting to go next, they are all so cute. I especially like the parents who put their kids in those singlets...priceless!

His very first match and only win at the Clearfield tournament

Super proud of his metal from the very long and unorganized Layton tournament!

We love you bud and know if you do your best and keep on trying you'll get much better!


Last week the grocery store by our house Kent's had Jazz player Ronnie Price signing autographs. It was a really long line, but the kids and enjoyed it. The next day we got the opportunity to get 4 seats to the Jazz game so we took Logan and Brylee. We had a blast! Thank you so much Kel and Cheryl for letting us go!!!

November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is my sweet Mr. Carter boy's birthday. Poor guy didn't have a great start, he woke up with the yucky stomach flu...bummer! Here is his birthday pancake with sprinkles of course! (his birthday party isn't until next weekend, so he'll have to wait for his cake) Blow out the candle...
It was a Toy Story birthday!!! He got a Buzz Lightyear doll, the movie Toy Story 3, a plate, Buzz bracelets and some books. As you can tell from the pictures he still didn't feel good, but he LOVED playing with Buzz and watching his new movie when Daddy, Bry and Boston went to church!!!

"Buzz lightyear to the rescue"!!!!
I can't believe that 2 years ago today we brought you into this world, where does the time go!? I have enjoyed every second of you in our life. I hope that you never outgrow your Momma's boy stage, because I'm holding on to every minute of it. I love you so much Carter, you've been such a wonderful blessing to our family!