October 30, 2009

PuMpKiN PoOp

Ok so last year the kids called the inside of the pumpkin "guts" this year "poop". I know, I know I have very gross and creative kids! These are their pumpkins from left to right Carter's, Boston's, Brylee's, and Logan's All of us, don't mind the shiny fingerprints on the black part of my table
All of my kids have liked to eat pumpkin. I'm not sure why because neither me or Ben like pumpkin much let alone...fresh, yuck!!

Getting down and dirty

Boston had LOTS of fun this year getting the "poop" out of his pumpkin!

Me and Ben decided not to carve our own pumpkins this year because we have to do 3 of our kid's. Definitely a good decision!!!

We grew all of our pumpkins this year in our garden, I'm quite proud! And It was fun as always carving pumpkins with such fun and entertaining children. I'm so proud to be their Mom!

October 24, 2009

Our Halloween Chili Dinner

Last night we had our annual Halloween Chili Dinner. I was pretty excited that everyone dressed up, we had some good costumes and ended up having 5 hunters! Here is our family, you never can get a picture when EVERYONE is looking, right!? Yummy pumpkin bread bowls!

Grandma and the kiddos chowing down

Mikka, Tyrel, Jim,
Grandma, Mom, Dina & Kenna

Logan, Ben, Boston, Trisha, Carter & Brylee

Justin, Quinn, Addy, Autumn & Shauna

Kel & Cheryl

Scott, Kami, Ty, Landon & Mckay

Carson, Taylee, Nick & Kim

Don't they all look so good in their costumes! I think everyone had a really good time...I know I did!

October 20, 2009

Witches Night Out

For girls night we went to Gardner's Village for they're Witches Night Out event. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill first then to the village it was so fun. It was our first time going and I must say my favorite part was seeing all the different witch costumes, people were really creative! I thought that everyone did a great job with their outfits, aren't we just beautiful witches!?
Well if the shoe fits....

October 14, 2009


Ben started playing dodge ball on Friday nights...that's right, like Ben Stiller does it! It's funny but they all really enjoy it. Probably because they can hit people!! I stole this cute collage from my friend Sami's blog, her husband is on his team. And you have to love the team name, right?!

October 12, 2009

The Park for a Picnic

Yesterday we went to a cute little park over in West Point for a picnic. Carter & Boston
Brylee & Logan

Trisha & Ben

October 6, 2009


For UEA weekend me, Brylee and Carter went to Las Vegas for my sister Dina's softball tournament. This is Brylee, me, Carter, my Mom, and Dina outside of New York, New York on the bridge. This isn't my best picture but I liked these cute M&M statues. All of us LOVED the M&M factory it was so cute and fun!

The Bellagio fountains...my favorite place!

Vegas is a very interesting place, I love it and hate it at the same time..if that makes sense. Hate the smell and nasty and degrading media but love the bright lights and fun and quirky things to see.They had people doing all sorts of fun things for tips Dina's coach bought the Carter and the girls these balloon hats.

Grandma entertaining Carter at the game.

Go Charge!

My sister Dina.

The coach's daughter Megan was so helpful and cute with my kids.

They did really good at the tournament and I had a BLAST! Brylee and Carter were so good and my Mom and sister were so much fun to be with. We got to stay at my father-in-laws work house in North Las Vegas so it was nice and relaxing, thanks again Kel!!!

Daddy and Boston's special weekend

While me, Bry and Carter were in Vegas, Ben and Boston had a fun weekend together. Since Boston LOVES dinosaurs they decided to go to the Dinosaur Park on Friday. How cute!!!

Digging for fossils

Wow, that's a big dinosaur!

And then on Saturday they went to the HAFB museum to check out the airplanes. Boston thought that was the neatest thing ever! He had TONS of fun with his Dad and I am so glad they got some one on one time together.

Logan dirtbike riding

Logan doing what he loves! Ever since he was three years old he's been riding a dirt bike, he's participated in races but he enjoys doing it for fun the best. This is when he was on a trip with his Dad at the dunes.