November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

My cute little pilgrim Boston!
I am very thankful for my family, extended family, health, our home, Ben's job, and our Savior. I had a wonderful holiday spent with family, the only one who was missing for dinner was Logan. Other than that, I think it was as perfect as it gets! I love them all, even if they sometimes make me crazy!!!

Tubby time

 Brendan LOVES tubby time. It's his favorite lately!
 He is growing up so fast. He is pulling himself to everything and trying to walk around things. He can stand on his own for a couple of seconds. Were has the time gone!?

Best friends are we...

my Grandpa and me!
My Dad came and stayed with us for a month and Brendan got really attached! He loves when Grandpa sings him songs and snuggles him, and he misses him already!!!

Our finished basement!

We finished our basement in April of this year and we have LOVED it VERY, VERY much!!! It has given so much extra room. Ben did almost all the work in it himself (with the help of our wonderful neighbor Brad) whom we cannot thank enough for sharing his vast amount of  building knowledge! I am so proud of Ben, this is such a wonderful accomplishment! It turned out better than I ever imagined!!!
 The family room, looking both ways. And the cute little cut-out window to the kids playhouse. And I love the sconce lights!
 The entrance to the kid's playhouse, under the stairs. It turned out perfect and we all love it!
 The hall leading to the future bathroom, Brylee and Logan's room.
 Brylee's huge room, she even got a big walk in closet!
 Lots of room to play in here!
Logan loves his new room! I couldn't get him and Carter out even for a picture!
It's so pretty I can't even bring myself to hang pictures, even six months later!

November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Carter!

 Carter's birthday started out with a breakfast of his choice. A raspberry filled, powdered donut of course. The Hostess shutdown is going to devastate some people in this family!

He got to go to a special lunch at McDonald's too.
 Opening presents with everyone.
And who could forget my crazy Carter scaring the life out of poor Quinn with this mask! It was sad but it made me laugh too!
 Happy Birthday to my sweet, crazy monkey boy! I can't believe that it has been four years since I brought you into this world. I am so glad I did, I love you so much. You complete us!!!
I think this was his favorite present. He LOVES balloons!


After we watched Spiderman Carter thought he would give "reading a book upside down" a try. So he could be like Spiderman of course! Silly boy!!!

Brendan's horsey

My Dad made me this rocking horse when I was a baby. It has been special to have all of our kids be able to play with it also.