October 30, 2012

In our Sunday best...

 Our cute family
 Our cute kids
 Our kids and Grandpa
 It's a rare occasion for my Dad to be dressed so fancy and I figured I better get a picture. He looks pretty darn handsome!

Halloween Festivities

 Our costumes: Me and Ben are a Grandma and Grandpa, Brendan a pumpkin, Carter is Eeyore, Boston is Spiderman and Brylee is a kitty and  Logan is himself...because he is way too grown up to dress up!
 The cutest pumpkin I have EVER seen!
 Carving our pumpkin's that Aunt Shauna and Uncle Justin gave us from their garden.

 I think the kids did a pretty good job this year. They go in order from top to bottom, youngest to oldest.

Time to get our costume on...

 For our neighborhood Halloween party me and Ben dressed up as a cute old couple. Aren't we just adorable...even our backsides!
 At the Steven's we played some fun games and had some yummy snacks. This is one of the games were we dressed Jana, Kirk, Kevin and Ben up like Mummies.
 And would you look at that...I won the best Halloween costume award! It must have been that awesome wig and chest high pants I was sporting, he he!!!

October 24, 2012

Brendan is 9 months!

 Brendan went to the doctor last week and his stats are.
Weight : 19 lb. 15 oz. ~ 55 %
Height: 29.25 in. ~ 84% 
Head: 47.5 cm. ~ 85%

Brendan is so much fun and is such a good baby. He is growing up way too fast!
He already has four teeth, has been crawling and can say Mamma and Daddy (since 7 mo.). He cannot live without his minky blankets and his thumb! His nicknames are Brenny and Brenny bear.
We enjoy every second we can get with him!!! 

Mommy and Brendan


I am absolutley in LOVE with this handsome guy!


 Boston is loving Kindergarten!!! He is so smart and learning so much already. He got to do an "all about me poster" He also insisted that I put a picture of him with his new Avengers backpack. And if you couldn't tell he is smiling so you can see he lost another tooth already!

October 1, 2012

Bean Bag Buddies

 Brendan and Carter LOVE spending their afternoons together!
 I sure love these boys!
These little monkeys sure are the best of friends.


 Carter and Boston made these cute little toilet paper roll robots the other day.
They sure are cute!

Brylee's field trip

Brylee's class went to Black Island Farms for a field trip Friday. Her favorite part was the barrel rides. She had a great time and was completely exhausted when she got home. Yeah for field trips!!! 

Boston's bike

 Boston can ride his bike without training wheels!!!
We are so proud of him for being so big! He is also doing awesome in Kindergarten and already learning to read books! You are so smart buddy, we love you lots!!!