March 31, 2009

Random pictures and edible play dough

Carter and Logan just love each other. It is so cute to watch them together! Carter is so much fun. And he's turning into such a little squealer! What I love the most about babies is their innocence. Just look at that face!
Logan registered for classes for Junior High this last week. I just can't believe how fast time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was sending him to Preschool. I am very proud of the young man he's turning into!
Such happy boys!

I love this picture

Yesterday we made some edible play dough. The kids had a blast playing with it and thought it was delicious. If you want the recipe it's easy I got it off of John and Kate plus 8 (one of my fav's). It's just equal parts of honey, peanut butter and dry milk. I used a 1/2 cup of each.

~And if you couldn't tell they are saying "cheese"!

March 23, 2009

Picture Tag

This is Boston on Ben's B-day last year playing in a box, he had just turned one. I can't believe how fast time flies! I still just can't believe how little he was!
For the tag you will need to go into the fourth folder of pictures that you have on your computer. Then open the fourth picture in that folder. Post it in your blog and explain it. Make sure to tag four other people. I TAG .... Holly, Michelle, Angie & Lani

March 19, 2009

Carter's 4 months!

Weight: 16 lbs. ~ Centile: 70%
Height: 26 inches ~ Centile: 83%
Head: 16.8 inches ~ Centile: 61%
The doctor said he looks great! What a big boy! I can't believe how fast he's grown it makes me so sad that he's already so big. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Now he is rolling front to back and back to front. Soon he'll be sitting up. I wish he'd stay little forever as he will probably be our last. It has been fun to learn his new little personality. He is such a snuggly baby, he loves me to kiss his eyelids and tickle his face. I hope I never forget how very precious he is. I love you Carter!

March 17, 2009

Our family trip to Vegas!

We went to Vegas to visit Ben's brother Chris and his wife Lani for a fun family vacation. But be for-warned this is a really long post........

So it all started out a little old fashioned at the Wild West town in Bonnie Springs. We got to see a gun fight and a hangin' Chris and Lani

Boston and Bry

Logan and Carter

Me and Ben (he was a little dirty!)

Logan, Boston and Brylee

Ben sneaking in on the kid's picture

Me and Carter ( I love that crooked smile)

They also had a cute little petting zoo

You got to feed the animals and they were very friendly

The kids had a blast!

Carter and me mostly hung out at the stroller. It was more fun too watch anyway huh Carter!

Saturday we headed over to the N. Las Vegas's Dinosaur park. They have the neatest public parks in Vegas! This park had all the toys a normal park has plus a splash park plus a huge sandbox you can search for fossil's and a duck pond with a beautiful waterfall! Common on Utah keep up would ya!

Bry in dinosaur egg

Boston's favorite thing to do was to sit and watch the ducks

I told you a long post.......

Later that day the kids decided it was SOO hot that we should go swimming. Mind you that it was 75 degrees there witch was hot to us, but Chris and Lani's pool wasn't heated, a bit nippy!

Boston and Bry wouldn't get completely in but it was still a lot of fun.

Logan and Ben froze their little tushies off! People kept driving by and looking at them like they were crazy.

At the neighborhood park they had this cute little toy were you spun around the kids played on it for hours.

And the adults liked it too ;)

A VERY special THANK YOU to Chris and Lani for letting us stay with them in their super cute house, for feeding us way yummy meals and for letting us invade their weekend! It was SOOOO much fun, it was nice to get some sun, see green grass and flowers and to see family! Now I just wish that Spring would come to Utah!

March 11, 2009

Scentsy Spring Order!

I am putting in an order for the new Spring catalogue this Thursday the 12th (tomorrow) around 2 ish so if you are interested let me know. They have lots new way cute warmers and yummy scents. You can look at the catalogue online at .
My email address is or you can call me 801-985-3114.

March 9, 2009

What do you think?

So when Carter was born me and Ben both agreed that he had his own look. Maybe a little similar to Brylee, and more like my baby pictures. Sunday Carter was wearing the same shirt Boston had on for his 3 mo pictures so I thought it would take a picture in the same shirt. And as I got to comparing them I thought, oh my gosh, they look SO much alike. What do you think?!


March 7, 2009

My little buckaroo

What a cute cowboy!! I just love that he is such a goofball, he makes me laugh!
These videos are pretty funny. I think Boston might think he's a real cowboy! ;)

March 3, 2009

My adorable Carter

Isn't he just SOOOO adorable!! This is his 3 1/2 mo picture. I love this age they are happy just to look at someone. He has gotten such a cute little personality. And has become such an easy- going happy baby. He brings such a special spirit into our home and so much happiness to all of us. And how could you resist smiling at this face....