April 18, 2012

Brendan's Nursery

Brendan got to have his very own room thanks to Ben finishing our basement and giving us two more rooms, hooray!!!! Logan and Brylee got to move downstairs (pictures to come)
It's pretty simple but I love it. I haven't had a nursery since Brylee was born so it's nice to have somewhere secluded to spend some time with my sweet babe!
And Brendan loves it too, he is such a good baby and has slept so well ever since he's been in his new room. And that makes Mom happy...which makes everyone happy!
And...I think we might have a thumb sucker! Brylee was our only thumb sucker and the rest were binkie boys.

Like Father like Son...

He's his father's son...that's for sure!

Grandma Pebley

This girl sure LOVES her Grandma!
Brendan and Grandma!
My Uncle Marv had his chickens out so Bry was gathering up feathers and sticking them in her flip flops...silly girl!
We love going to visit Grandma Pebley, it is by far our most favorite person to go see...we just LOVE her to pieces!

Yummy for my tummy!

Brendan has started eating some yummy rice cereal! He loves it. And even though you are supposed to wait until 4 months I started him on it....because have you seen him he's huge, the little guy needs some cereal!!!
That's good stuff!


We went to the Hooper Easter egg hunt at the Hooper park. The kids stood by our neighbor's kids which was fun! They all did great getting candy, escpecially Boston who ended up running way across the field to the older kids area and getting much cooler stuff!!
Brylee with Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. Boston wouldn't stand next to them. He told me and Ben they are not real there are people inside of them and they are wearing shoes!!! What a ham that boy is, can't fool him! Carter sat in the car with me and Brendan so we could warm up.

Dying Easter eggs was fun and messy. The kids loved it though! I completely forgot to take pictures on Easter day but oh well I have a Mom brain...he, he!!! We had a yummy ham dinner at our house and then went to the Caldwell's for an egg hunt, it was a fun day!