September 18, 2012

Grandma Pebley

 My sweet Grandma Pebley was the most loving, kind and happy person I have ever known. She was such a joy to be around. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. I have always thought I was her favorite Grandchild, but so did everyone else! She just had a way of making you feel so special. 
 Brylee had a special relationship with Grandma. Every time we would go and see her she would climb up on her lap and snuggle her. And of course Grandma always ate that up!
 Grandma always loved babies! She couldn't get enough of them.
 Me and Grandma 1982
Me and Grandma 2004 at my wedding
Grandma I will forever miss your sweet smile, your longing goodbyes, your love of roses,  your laughter, your smell, your hugs, our special visits and you, I will miss all of you.
I love you Grandma.

We are a bunch of cRaZiEs


Lately, Carter has been obsessed with crossing his eyes, so the rest of us decided to join in the fun. And besides, we are special family...that's for sure!!!

Brendan is crawling!

 Brendan had been attempting to crawl for 3 weeks but couldn't figure it out and would just end up sliding backward. Last Monday he decided that he would go the right way!
 He is pretty excited about it too!
The kids put their Alphie robot in front of him and he started crawling to it like he had done it for months. He was so impressed with himself, it was really cute! And now he is everywhere and into everything!


For Labor day weekend we went camping at our traditional place.
 Chris and Lani came from Vegas, which was nice because we hadn't seen Lani since December!
 It rained off and on the first day and we had some awesome thunderstorms and hail. On Sunday it was beautiful so we hung out and soaked up some sunshine.

 Brendan hanging out in the warm trailer.
 Our favorite thing to do at Soapstone is ride four wheelers!!! Logan took me, Brylee and Taylee on a ride to this pretty spot.
 Grandpa holding Brendan and Grandma doing what she does best.
 Ben being his goofy self!
It was nice and relaxing weekend, and much needed for all of us.