December 22, 2012


We also had the opportunity for the kids to see Santa at Brylee and Boston's school. I love wonder in Brendan's face in this picture!

The Roof

We love our annual trip to The Roof...and this year wasn't an exception! Ben's parents host this for us every year for Christmas. Great food, beautiful views and good company!

Time to partay...

 We had our Christmas party this year at our church. It turned out quite lovely! My sister Shauna even braved it with pneumonia, what a trooper!

 My Mom gave us some really nice, BIG gifts this year. Unfortunately our hockey table was broke and they didn't have ANY in! So we ended up ordering a climber dome for outside instead. Which the kids will LOVE when it warms up! I told the kids to smile liked they loved me and I just LOVE Quinn and Addi's face! I do feel very loved...but no so much by my own, he, he!!!
 The little kids played unwrap the candy bar with snow gloves game and the older kids/ adults exchanged white elephant gifts.
 Carter got one.

And Addi the other one...she is just a little proud!

The REAL Santa Claus

 We made our annual trip to the Ogden City lights to see the REAL Santa Clause! It did not was as magical as ever!

This is Brendan's first time seeing the "real" Santa and he did just fine until...
 Santa's beard touched his face!!! Brendan hates anything fuzzy near his face...poor guy!
 The reason for the season!

Another one of my favorite traditions!!!

Buddy the Elf

We finally gave in and got an Elf of the Shelf doll. It has been a ton of fun for us this year. His name is Buddy although I often call him Elfie or Alfie (Buddy doesn't stick for some reason for me) so he is an elf of many names! Here he is on his best pose yet...on a date with Bry's beautiful barbie!!!

O' Christmas Tree

 O' Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches...(I'd say pretty lovely indeed)
This year we picked out the most BEAUTIFUL tree!

 Decorating is so much fun!

One of my most favorite things about the holiday season!

Happy Birthday Boston!

 Birthday breakfast...a yummy cinnamon roll!

 Love this look!
 That's a fancy cake there mister!
 What a stud!
I can't believe that you are already 6 years old! You are growing up too fast and I am so proud of you! He is already reading and spelling super great and is loving learning in Kindergarten.
We love you Bostie boy!!!