February 27, 2015

Dr Seuss Day

Carter had Dr Seuss day at school today. He decided the morning of that he wanted to dress up. So being the super Mom that I am...kidding. I put this together in a couple of hours. I'll have to admit that I was even impressed with myself. It was all worth it because he is the most adorable Thing one I have ever seen!

February 26, 2015

Temple blessings

Ben took me to do sealings at the Ogden temple last night. It's so nice to be away from the outside world and inside the peaceful temple. After we left the celestial room we went to visit a picture I had fallen in love with at the temple open house. As we toured the temple in August and when I was walking down the hall holding Carter's hand, I looked at this picture and the little boy in it stared through my soul. The look in the Mother's eyes touched me. I have never felt so strongly the spirit as I did that day and yesterday wasn't any different. There is something about this little boy that reminds me of Carter, his eyes I think. I was reminded that Christ loves all of his children and they will all be perfect when we meet him again. What a comforting feeling and one that I needed.

Happy Birthday to me...

 I had a great birthday! I went to lunch with my sisters and Mom to the Blue Lemon it's at the Junction in Ogden. Then I came home to Ben and the kids hiding. When I walked in the door they all yelled surprise! Happy Birthday Mom! It was the best birthday present ever! We ate this yummy raspberry filled cake that Ben and the boys got me afterward Ben took me to dinner at Taggart's. Then we came home and watched a movie with the kids. I feel so blessed to have my family. Thanks guys, I love you all so much!


Me and Brylee got matching camo jackets from Kings at the Hunting Expo. I love that she wants to be just like me. I'm sure it won't last so I have to catch these moments when I can! I love that I have her, I hope that we are always best friends.

Hunting Expo

 We went to the Hunting Expo in SLC. The kids had fun looking at all the awesome mounts they had.

HAFB museum

 Boston went to the HAFB museum for scouts. He has great leaders. These boys had a great time!

Happy Valentines Day!

 Ben never disappoints! He knows I like your nontypical colored rose. He is a great hubby! I did this post it sticker heart for Ben. It was filled with notes about why I love him, they are true! He loved it, I think he even teared up a little...but I'm sure he'll never admit to it. And we had pink heart pancakes with bacon, yum!

Daddy Daughter Dance

 Ben took Brylee to her first dance. Morgan Elementary put on a Daddy daughter dance. They had a DJ, sundae bar, pictures and a drawing. Ben and Brylee were one of the lucky couples to get their tickets drawn and won a Browning hat and knife. I even got her a corsage for Ben to give her. It was a night to remember!

Mini Vacation

 At the first of February we had to go get some things from my Dad's house in Montana so we decided to make it a fun trip and get a hotel with a pool. It was a nice break from the winter blues we were all getting. On the way home we stopped at McDonald's and took a selfie inside the play place. We are silly!


 Having brothers is just the best! These three just melt my heart. I love them so much.

Brylee's bangs

Brylee talked me into cutting her bangs. She didn't like them at first but she loves them now. I was nervous about doing it but I think they turned out great!

January sucks

Poor little Brendan can't get over his cold. He had a darn cough for a month and sadly it turned into bronchitis and a sinus infection. Ben ended up getting a sinus infection. Boston had a terrible ear infection. And Carter had a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Me, Logan and Brylee had a yuck cough too. Spring please get her soon! I'm tired of sickness!

Happy Birthday Brenny!

 For Brendan's birthday we went to McDonald's and had a yummy ice cream cake the next day. He was so excited for this cake! The whole family including Brenny was really sick with a terrible cold so we didn't having a family part. But he still had a great birthday!!! I can't believe this little guy is growing up so fast, I can't believe he is 3! He is talking SO good, he can say anything! He is super smart and already knows how to count to 10, knows some of his letters and colors. He is almost potty trained. He loves everyone and is really friendly. He is such a cutie, we love him so much!!!

Matt's fight

 We went to Matt's fight in SLC. Unfortunately he lost but we still had a fun date night!

Boston is a cub scout!

Meet Pepper

 Pepper is Brylee's cute little kitty we've had for a couple of months. They are adorable but later it turned into this...ha ha!

Snowflake tortillas

Merry Christmas to all

Brylee's piano recital

Brylee did great at her first piano recital. We are so proud of you!

It's an Ugly Sweater Christmas

 We hosted my families Ugly Sweater Christmas Party this year. It was super fun! We did Minute to Win it games. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! And then Grandma read us Twas the Night Before Christmas and gave everyone their gifts. And Grandma won the sweater contest! Good times, good memories!