December 28, 2009

My Nursery Graduate

I can't believe Boston is going to be a Sunbeam! He is growing up so fast and acting way too big! Brylee is going into CTR 5 and Carter will be in nursery in 4 months, I can't believe how fast the time goes. Another year gone by and LOTS of memories!!!

December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We always have Christmas Eve with my family and this year we decided to do a little talent show it was short but cute. All the kids sang a Christmas song and my niece Addy did a couple cartwheels. They were really cute and did an awesome job! Next we did our nativity scene while my BIL Justin read the scriptures. Carter got to be baby Jesus!

Here's they are, next year we'll have to get animal outfits since they all wanted to be donkeys and cows this year instead of wise men.

Their Christmas jammies!

Brylee sprinkling her reindeer dust on the lawn so they would know where her house was!!!

This year they made Santa a chocolate sucker and I borrowed some cookies from our dinner party. They also thought Santa should have hot chocolate since as Brylee put it "Santa will get plenty of milk!"

Boston was actually really excited he was just getting really impatient to open his gifts! He came into our bedroom that morning and was SOOO excited that Santa ate and drank everything it was really cute.


This year Logan along with my brother and sister got a automatic (scary) airsoft gun. He was extremely happy that he got it, later that night they had a war Ben and Dina against Tyrel and Logan. I don't understand the fascination of hurting each other but they had fun so that's all I care!

We all got spoiled as usual this year, I really enjoy the holidays. I hope everyone else did too!

December 23, 2009

A trip to see santa, the lights and urgent care....hooray!

Last night we made a trip to see the Ogden City lights, it was more beautiful than I remember it ever being. It was freezing but SO much fun!!! Carter had a chauffeur, secretly Logan loved sliding him through the snowy sidewalks!
Boston was adorable with Santa this year he told him he wanted a bicycle, motorcycle and a choo- choo train.

And for the first year Brylee willingly got on Santa's lap. Thanks to preschool this year she's gotten over her stranger anxiety, whew! She told him she wanted a camera, a baby and a barbie that you can paint her nails

Carter made this face the whole time, too cute!

Logan was a good sport and told Santa he REALLY wants an air soft gun.

Such a magical time of year, I love it!

Afterwards we headed home for some yummy hot chocolate. And as I was making it the kids were running around the island in my kitchen as my brother Tyrel was chasing them. Boston caught his foot on the stool and head dived into the corner of the cabinet!!! It was quite a scare for everyone, he had a really bad gash. So we rushed him up to urgent care right before they closed...whew! And the Doctor gave him 7 stitches, he was very brave! I am so proud of him for being such a good boy I know it was really hard for him. And I am just glad he's ok, he about gave me a heart attack!!!
Not such a happy guy, I can't blame him though.

He's very happy to have a spiderman band aide can you tell?! Ahhh, I love you buddy and don't ever scare me like that again...PLEASE!

December 14, 2009

Loving the snow!

So we have just been loving all this snow! I'm sure here soon I'll be wishing for Spring, but every time it snows we all get so excited to dress up in our gear and come in for some yummy hot chocolate! Yesterday Ben was trying to make a huge snowman but he couldn't figure out how to lift it up, ha, ha! If he ever gets some help finishing it we'll have the biggest snowman around!!! My sister Dina had a blast with my kids here she is after burying Brylee in snow.
Carter is getting so big!!! He is walking everywhere, even the snow!

Boston and his new friend....

ok... so maybe they're more than friends!

Dina helped them build this awesome snowman, good job guys!

Brylee and Mom made this little one!

Making snow angels with the powder snow before the wet snow came!

There is just something so calming about snow, maybe the pureness or how gently the snowflakes come down. I don't know I just know I LOVE it!

Me and Dina also made some snow sledding spots here is some video of Bry and Boston going down.

Jazz Game

Last week was Boston's turn to go to the Jazz game with his Dad! They had lots of fun despite the look on Boston's face, he isn't a fan of pictures! They got popcorn, Swedish fish and a sprite
to share although Boston ended up eating the ENTIRE box of fishes! Yeah he was wired when he got home but I'm glad they had fun and they needed their bonding time!!!

December 2, 2009

Carter's 1 year checkup

I took Carter in last week for his year check up and here is his stats... Weight: 21 lbs. 15 oz. 45%
Height: 31" 90%

He's a BIG boy! At the appointment the Doctor was a little concerned about Carter coughing when he drank liquids so he referred me to a ENT. At that appt. the Dr. scoped his throat (which was SO fun) and said everything looked good but to keep an eye on how he is doing, he thinks he's aspirating as he drinks which makes him choke, so he coughs....which is just lovely. Hopefully he gets over it. It's worse when liquid comes out fast so I've had to give him his bottle back so he doesn't get dehydrated. He was drinking out of a sippy for 3 weeks so I feel like I took a step back but he's definitely doing a lot better. It's not so much a health concern as it is an annoyance for us because we had to give him his sippy and hold a towel under his chin because he would cough it up everywhere.

And Carter is WALKING, yeah! He started trying to walk a week or so before his birthday and is officially walking everywhere! He's still a little wobbly as you'll see from the video but it's still super cute. He also LOVES to dance and listen to music he's such a little sweetie we just love him to pieces!!!