September 26, 2011

Our Future Roylaire

Friday night at Roy High's halftime Brylee danced with the "Future Roylaire's". She loves doing this! This is them leading out to the field

I'm not sure why they all have red eye so bad. Kick high Bry!

Good job lady you did a fantastic job as always!

September 13, 2011


Alaska is the most amazing place I've been. It has more wildlife, scenery and fishing anyone could ask for! In the Homer Spit port was the boat Time Bandit from the Discovery show Deadliest Catch. This is me and Ben's favorite show to watch. So I was super excited to be able to see it.

Now I can say I touched that boat when I watch the show this winter, he he!!!

Ben's parents Cheryl and Kel. Very special thank you to these two who took us on this fun trip and made everything possible. We are lucky enough to be able to stay in their new cabin in Ninilchik. It was awesome, thanks again!

Homer was my favorite place because it was surrounded by so much scenery and I love the ocean!

A stormy day on the look a little chilly Ben!

I had a blast and I hope that's not the last time I ever get to see Alaska!!!

And a HUMONGOUS thank you to my sister Shauna and my Mom for taking time out of their busy lives to watch my kids and love them like I do! And to my bestest friends and neighbors Holly, Brooke, Stacy and Amy for watching my kids while my Mom worked. Love all you guys tons!

Beautiful Alaska

Alaska is the most beautiful place I've ever been! Even though the first part of our trip wasn't the best weather. You just couldn't help but be in awe at all it's wonders. This is a glacier across the bay from Homer. Their are tons of glaciers there and they're so mesmerizing to look at.

A golden eagle or a young bald eagle (I'm not sure) Either way look at those talons, yikes!!!!

Two bald eagles at the inlet of Deep Creek.

A young bull moose near our cabin.

Overlooking the city of Ninilchik were the cabin is.

The ocean at sunset. Sigh...I could live here forever!

Another sunset at the cabin.

Halibut Fishing

We also got to go halibut fishing in Alaska. We went out of Homer Spit and into Kachemak Bay. This was the first day we went on a bigger boat with our BIL Scott and his brother Wayne. It was a little rough and I ended up getting a little sea sick so I didn't get many pictures. They were smaller about 10 lbs. a piece but we both got our limit!

The next time we went out the water was much calmer and lots more fun!

The fog rolling in. It was neat but when the fog was all around you it was kind of spooky!

My first halibut of the day. I ended up getting two more that were about 25 lbs a piece too! This was so much fun and we LOVE to eat halibut in our house!

Silver Salmon

Silver salmon fishing in Alaska was my favorite thing we did! It was so much fun to be out on the Kenai and pull those huge fish in! Our first run on the Kenai was great we all got our limit in about 2 1/2 hours!
Kel, Scott, Trisha and Ben

Our second silver run wasn't as great. Because of all the rain the river was really muddy so the limit wasn't happening. But I lucked out and got the four on the right!

This was my biggest salmon a 10 pounder! I know there is far bigger silvers but this was the biggest fish I've ever caught!

Kel getting his on the boat.

Sunrise on the Kenai doesn't get much better than that!!!

I hope someday I'll be able to do this again, it was a blast!!!

Boston's First Day of Preschool!

Well I wasn't actually here for Boston's first day since we were in Alaska. So we pretended today was his first day again so I could take pictures! To say he was SUPER excited for preschool would be an understatement! He's been waiting for two long years since Brylee went to Teacher Vicki and has been talking about it ever since...and that grin says it all!

Heading in to Teacher Vicki's! I'm so proud of Boston and how outgoing he is. I love you buddy and I hope you have a great day!