August 30, 2009

media fast and an update

We've decided as a family we want to do a media fast. It's going to be hard for me to be away from the computer because I feel like some days it's my only link to the outside world. But I REALLY do think that our family needs this and that it will bring us closer together. Look at these cute munchkins in their Sunday best. Logan is a deacon now and can pass the sacrament and I am SO proud of him! And I am sadly done nursing Carter, I've loved the special bond with him and how long I've been able to do it. But unfortunately he has 6 teeth already and has made it so miserable for me to nurse. He's doing actually quite well on a bottle and I am feeling sooo much better!

August 23, 2009

nap time?!

So this is what happens when I tried to skip Boston's nap hoping he'de go to bed early! Poor guy, he couldn't even make it past dinner! I guess I'll have to hold off on taking away naps just yet. And he looks so darn cute too!!!

August 18, 2009


Saturday we went up to Logan to go fishing in Wellsville. They have this cute little park with a pond, the kids had a blast! The ducks there are friendly and they had four little babies, they were SO cute!

Logan and my brother Tyrel at there own fishing hole. And of course Logan had to climb the tree (too tempting!)

The fishing wasn't the best there so we headed over to Hyrum dam and caught a bunch of perch. The kids REALLY had fun there too, they got to play in the water and the sand!!!

I just love weekends like this...........bliss!

August 14, 2009

9 months

Carter is 9 months and growing fast! He's got four little teeth already and is a busy little guy getting into everything and anything! He pulls him self up to things and says mama, dada, hey, and yeah (although I'm sure he doesn't know what they mean!) He is SOOO much fun and brings so much joy into my life, I fall in love with him more and more every day!! Weight~20 lbs (50%)
Height~29.5 in. (90%!)
Head~45 mm. (45%)

August 10, 2009

Weber County Fair

On Saturday we headed over to the fair, every year the kids just LOVE to see all the different farm animals they have. (I'll admit I love it too) A girl in our ward (Callie) had a pig that she auctioned off. So she let the kids get in the pen and pet and spray her!

It started to POUR when we were getting ready to leave. So we took cover and waited for it to stop and when we came out there was the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen.

It was tons of fun as always, later we went over to the Raptors baseball game for Ben's work party. I didn't bring my camera in and we really didn't stay too long the kids had enough of our fun filled day and wanted to go home. But as I sat there, in my 30 seconds of peace, and looked around to the mountains and buildings that surround the stadium. I thought to myself, I think that I take for granted that I've lived here all my life because Ogden really is a beautiful place to live! And as I grow older I hope that I appreciate it more!!


My three munchins ALL in the tub together! Carter is pulling himself up to everything! And he thinks it's pretty fun!!!

I'm not sure why he crawls like this sometimes, but it's pretty comical!

August 1, 2009

ThE tReEhOuSe MuSeUm

This is a really neat place and the kids all had tons of fun. I haven't been here since I took Logan when it was in the Ogden mall. This is Carter's new face I'm not sure what it's all about but we all get a few giggles from it!

Brylee milking the cow and the utters really had water come out of them! And she was a little weirded out that was were milk came from!

Look at my little cowgirl!

My fireman boys!

........they had babies there!

Carter loved the drums!

My little scientist.

It was a fun learning experience for the kids and we will definitely go there again!!!