November 28, 2011

Ben's whitetail buck

After many countless hunting hours I am proud to announce that Ben got his whitetail buck, hooray!!!! It was the day after Thanksgiving and it was snowing really heavy. Logan spotted some whitetails by a river so they got on a hill where they could see them without spooking them. It was snowing and foggy but Ben managed to spot the buck. Took a 400 yard shot and got him, great job honey! He had to cross the river to get to him and when he came upon him realized he had killed what looked just like Elliot from the movie Open Season! He was missing his right side horns...darn it. He is still an awesome buck for the area they don't get super big around there and I'm so proud of him. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever!!! What a great hunting duo these two make!

Don't mind all the bloody mess...

I'm not sure what Logan thought was so funny but it makes for a cute picture!

The next day Ben and my Dad butchered the deer meat while me and Caroline packaged the meat.

The kids all had a blast in there while they were doing it. Minus Logan who has always been my squeamish one.

Thanks Dad for making Ben's hunting experience a great one. We love you lots!!


We went to Montana this year for Thanksgiving so Ben could finish up his hunting season up there. Which was nice because that meant spending Thanksgiving with my Dad, and I haven't been with him for that holiday in 13 years!
The kids spent countless hours sledding on the hills around the house. They had a blast and it gave them something to do almost everyday!

My very first homemade cheese was delicious!

Since my Dad and Caroline are not able to go to the kids actual birthday party's Caroline made the boys a cake.

I love how Carter looks like he has a handle bar mustache!!

On Thanksgiving day our meal was amazing (it should be after being in the kitchen 6 hours making it)!!!

Grandpa and Carter being silly

After dinner and pie Brylee put on a show of sorts. Boston got up and told stories.

Brylee told jokes

And Carter (who is being silly and wearing grandpa's glasses) sang the cutest songs. Some of which where: twinkle, twinkle little star, popcorn popping one the apricot tree and I am a child of God. It was priceless!!

This year I am thankful for my family. I love them all so very much they make my days so much brighter. Love you guys!!!

November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Carter!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Carter boy! I can't believe that 3 years has gone by so quickly. It seems like not too long ago that you were tiny in my arms! I love you so very much!!! Check out that cute dimple, it makes my heart melt!

He was so cute he sang Happy Birthday to himself and got a little excited and blew out his birthday candle before we were even done singing the song!

Cupcakes and ice cream sundaes...delish!

Time to open presents!!! (as you can see he had lots of helpers)

All his awesome presents. Thanks to all who came, we sure love you guys!

For his Birthday breakfast he wanted chocolate covered mini donuts (of course) what 3 year old boy wouldn't !

November 7, 2011

First snow!

Saturday the kids got to build a snowman thanks to the first snow of the season. All the kids plus our neighbor boy Memphis. They all built a pretty awesome snowman considering we only got a little snow!

All that playing in the snow made for some very sleepy boys that night!! (I love how Boston and Logan are snuggling, too cute!)

November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Trick or treating was a lot of fun this year. The kids are getting big enough to do it on their own while we just follow them around. The kids dressed up for our trunk or treat on Saturday. Brylee was a pumpkin witch, Boston was Buzz Lightyear (again), and Carter was a Doctor.

Boston came home from his preschool Halloween party with this scary Frankenstein face he made.

Brylee after her 1st grade Halloween party. With the witch hat she made.

The pumpkin patch where were we picked out our pumpkins.


Carving pumpkins was super fun. I somehow ended up carving all the faces. I'll have to work that out better next year!

What cute little pumpkins I have!!!

We had a yummy pumpkin pizza for dinner and then went around trick or treating in the neighborhood. Then we were off to see both Grandparents. I hope everyone had as great of a Halloween as we did!