January 20, 2009

Things I love about my kids

Logan is very well behaved and always has been. He has always loved sports and being outdoors. He has also always been really smart and done great in school. My favorite thing about him though is his very big heart. Brylee is a firecracker she has always been very mature for her age. She is a great helper and is like a second Mom around here. She is very sensitive but has a gigantic heart! My favorite thing about her is her personality, everyone seems to be drawn to her.
Boston is such a bruiser. He absolutely loves to be outside and into anything dirty. He has a really cute personality and makes the funniest expressions with his eyes. My favorite thing about him is his laugh, you can't help but smile when you hear it.

Carter loves his baths and his feet rubbed. He also loves to eat and be held! My favorite thing about Carter is his dimple when he smiles! It is adorable!!

Carter has started to smile alot so I have gone a little picture crazy! But it's too hard to resist taking a pictures of him.

He is starting to get his own little personality. He's so much fun for all of our family to get to know!


Michelle said...

You have some good looking kids! Logan is a handsome little guy and the others are all so cute! You are such a good Mom. Cute post!

Holly said...

Carter looks so cute when he smiles, especially when he shows off his cute dimple! You have such a cute little family, they are all so sweet and such good kids!

Angie said...

Your kids are all beautiful WITH your gorgeous skin!!

The Daltons said...

I sure miss your kid's!!! When I saw them last night at mom's it broke my heart to think I never get to see them. Oh how Boston can just melt your heart...I love that kid, And Brylee's hair is getting soo long....she is such a pretty little girl! You looked great as well, I like the new hairdo.....I miss you as well!!