February 19, 2009

RaNdOm PiCtUrEs

This picture I thought was cute! They all look so stinkin' cute and Logan is such a handsome boy! Carter's first bath in the BIG boy tub!! Isn't he just adorable! (I AM prejudice though)
Boston fell asleep like this on Saturday. Me and Ben went to an afternoon movie for V-day and my Mom watched the kids so they didn't get their nap. So right before we got home he crashed on the couch and man, was he out!


Holly said...

Cute pictures! At first when I glanced at the one of Carter in the tub I thought you left his diaper on. He he! I think I need a nap! Oh, and Boston looks super comfortable...how could he fall asleep like that, what a funny kid!

The Daltons said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you do something really fun on your special day. Love you Shauna

-No Quinn is not crawling yet, but he gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth so he is really close!!