February 25, 2010

Before & After

Today Logan got his BRACES, YEAH! He was actually excited for his braces he has been looking forward to straightening his teeth.

AFTER This is such a great picture and I'm sure Logan is just so darn glad I took it, ha ha! Anyway here is Dr. Price working away.

Logan called me about 2 hours after I dropped him off at school to tell me that a bracket was already off! Ugh...so after school we went right back over after being there already 2 hours this morning. He came out about 30 min. later or so and said I think that there's another one off. Soooo at his point in the day it's close to 4 pm, I'm hungry, tired and in a bad mood. I lost it just a little....ok.. maybe a lot, tears WERE shed. Have I mentioned I've been a bit emotional lately anyways needless to say I spent entirely WAY too much time at the Orthodontic office today. But it was all worth it for that metal smile!!!


Michelle said...

You're cute :). Sorry you guys had a crazy day! Logan's braces look great :)!

The Daltons said...

OMG You had to take him back AGAIN!!! Oh man sorry that sucks, but Logan looks good in his braces. Even if it did take the whole day to get them on!!!!!!

Jennifer and Jameson said...

He looks so cute! That's funny that he broke 2 so fast...not funny for you though, sorry. I'm glad you wrote that you lost it because it happens to the best of us and I would have too! So why you so emotional?? hint, hint.

Trisha said...

You're funny Jen! Definetly NOT prego if thats what you were hinting at! I've just been sick a lot lately and it's made me a bit emotional is all.