March 10, 2015

Little Sahara

My brother Brandon and his wife Jen invited us to go to the sand dunes with them. We hadn't ever been there so we thought it would be fun to get away somewhere a little warmer! It was nice weather, super warm without a cloud in the sky. It was beautiful there and we will definitely want to go back soon! Our quads did ok there but Brandon's were super fun to drive as they are meant for the sand not the mountains like ours. It is the first trip I've been on with my brother since we were kids and it was so overdue! Little Brendan just adored his Uncle Brandon the whole time. We have been potty training him and Uncle Brandon taught him to pee outside in the sand. It was cute! We made tons new memories and laughed so hard we cried...especially because Brandon kept making fun of his cousin Cale's "skullet"!!! Unfortunately the night we got home I had to run Ben to the ER because he was in extreme pain. Turns out he passed his first kidney stone! Poor guy! We took him to the doctor and he said he needs to drink more water...which is what I have been telling him our entire marriage!

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