February 16, 2009

Brylee's first trip to the Dentist

Brylee got to have her teeth cleaned today. She got to wear earphones and watch T.V. on the ceiling. She was really excited before hand, but I of course know how shy she is so I was a little worried. After some convincing from Mom she FINALLY opened her mouth! Yeah! After that she was great for the Dr. and hygienist.

She was a really good girl and I am very proud of her!

This may seem like a way long post for a teeth cleaning but this is a huge
obstacle for Bry to overcome. She has really bad anxiety when it comes to anybody and anything new. I am SOO very proud of her for being such a big girl!

She got a special Cinderella toothbrush, oh and NO cavities! But I had one, bummer!


Michelle said...

Sorry about your cavity, I hate hearing that news! That's awesome that Brylee didn't have any though :)!

The Daltons said...

I'm glad Brylee was good for you, Autumn got her teethed cleaned today and she was a stinker...she wouldn't even open her mouth!! On the other hand Addi just loves to get her teeth cleaned. So hopefully Autumn will like it better next time.

Bonnie said...

Way to go Brylee! That's awesome.

Holly said...

what a brave little girl! love the princess toothbrush!