December 23, 2009

A trip to see santa, the lights and urgent care....hooray!

Last night we made a trip to see the Ogden City lights, it was more beautiful than I remember it ever being. It was freezing but SO much fun!!! Carter had a chauffeur, secretly Logan loved sliding him through the snowy sidewalks!
Boston was adorable with Santa this year he told him he wanted a bicycle, motorcycle and a choo- choo train.

And for the first year Brylee willingly got on Santa's lap. Thanks to preschool this year she's gotten over her stranger anxiety, whew! She told him she wanted a camera, a baby and a barbie that you can paint her nails

Carter made this face the whole time, too cute!

Logan was a good sport and told Santa he REALLY wants an air soft gun.

Such a magical time of year, I love it!

Afterwards we headed home for some yummy hot chocolate. And as I was making it the kids were running around the island in my kitchen as my brother Tyrel was chasing them. Boston caught his foot on the stool and head dived into the corner of the cabinet!!! It was quite a scare for everyone, he had a really bad gash. So we rushed him up to urgent care right before they closed...whew! And the Doctor gave him 7 stitches, he was very brave! I am so proud of him for being such a good boy I know it was really hard for him. And I am just glad he's ok, he about gave me a heart attack!!!
Not such a happy guy, I can't blame him though.

He's very happy to have a spiderman band aide can you tell?! Ahhh, I love you buddy and don't ever scare me like that again...PLEASE!


The Daltons said...

Oh poor Boston :( That looks like that really hurt!!!

Just the 2 of us. said...

He must be a Caldwell. Glad he's okay. Cute pics. See you in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

ohh my goodness his poor face! its probably so sore! he's still adorable as ever though!!